8 Reasons Why You Are Not Lucky With Girls

8 Reasons Why You Are Not Lucky With Girls

You know that you are a cool guy that meets the needs of most girls, but in a relationship you are not lucky. It seems to have everything: appearance, charisma, and the ability to look after beautifully. That’s just not the one that will be next. There are several reasons why you may run into this problem.

8 Reasons Why You Are Not Lucky With Girls

Reasons Why You Are Not Lucky With Girls
Reasons Why You Are Not Lucky With Girls

1 You are looking for girls in the wrong places

It is unlikely that a girl who wants a serious long-term relationship can be found in a nightclub or applications like “Tinder”. There are exceptions, but very rarely. Try to change tactics and look for new acquaintances where you really are interested in spending time. For example, why not meet the girls you like at themed events or gatherings with friends?

2 You scare the girls with your serious intentions

Perhaps you are serious about marriage and family, but you don’t need to share it at the first acquaintance (especially when you are not yet familiar). Do not be too desperate and intrusive and certainly do not rush things.

First, you need to know each other, and only then you can gradually begin to make plans for the near future. Girls are frightened by guys who, after several weeks or months of dating, talk about serious feelings and a desire to build a life together.

3 You seem arrogant is reasons Why You Are Not Lucky With Girls

As an option, you behave as a self-confident and arrogant type. It’s one thing to know that you are cool, and it’s quite another to broadcast this knowledge to others. Make sure that you do not seem absorbed in yourself, and try to be simpler.

Reasons you are unlucky in love

4 You scare the girls

When everything is fine and you look so perfect, it scares the girls a little. They are afraid that relations with you will reveal all their shortcomings, and in the end, you still have to leave. They want to start a relationship, realizing that you are almost equal, or just feeling that you are an ordinary person with your minuses.

If for a girl you seem to be an unattainable peak (even if you yourself do not position yourself as an ideal man), she may feel that she is unworthy to be near you.

5 Your career is worse than her – Reasons Why You Are Not Lucky With Girls

Of course, these are mere trifles – who earns how much and how much or who is in what position. But still, there are girls who prefer to choose a man who occupies a higher position or earns more than them.

This works both ways because often it’s embarrassing for guys to meet those girls who are ahead of them in terms of career. So you and the girl must decide whether such inequality is acceptable to you or not.

6 You are fixated on one type

Have you ever felt that your ex-girlfriends are all somewhat alike? Maybe they behaved the same way with you or did they have similar traits? If you answered this question in the affirmative, then most likely we have figured out what your problem is.

A repeating relationship scenario can torment you for years to come until you break the vicious circle. Try to find a girl of the type that you previously did not pay attention to. You can never know in advance whether you will have a relationship with anyone, so what is no reason to risk it?

Why you have no luck with girls?

7 You do not know how to communicate with girls

Maybe you are all handsome, smart and well-off, and with a bunch of friends, but you still don’t know how to build a dialogue with the girl you like. You have no idea how to interest a lady, how to care for her, what to say to her on a date, and what to keep to herself. This can be a serious problem on the way to building serious (and not only) relationships.

8 You’re out of luck – Reasons Why You Are Not Lucky With Girls

Yes, that also happens. You can be the most handsome, kind and charismatic guy – and this absolutely does not guarantee anything, because there will always be one who does not need these qualities / is not important and who is looking for something completely different. This does not mean that the problem is in you. It just says that your man, exactly that “only” that you hope to find, may meet you much later. You just have to wait.






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