8 Most Overrated Sexual Positions

8 Most Overrated Sexual Positions

Because of adult films, including feature films, many people think that what they show is really cool. In fact, most of everything that we see is very uncomfortable, unrealistic, sometimes unpleasant and simply stupid. Here are 8 poses that it’s time to stop considering successful and good.

8 Most Overrated Sexual Positions

Most Overrated Sexual Positions
Most Overrated Sexual Positions

1 Reverse cowgirl – Overrated Sexual Positions

Perhaps in adult films, it looks beautiful and interesting. And, of course, thanks to the good play of the actors, you might think that this is one of the surest ways to bring a girl to orgasm. No matter how. Most girls hate this position, and the reasons for this are different:

it is impossible to control the rhythm, because of the constant attempts to position the back correctly, there is no chance to concentrate on having fun. Some girls say that the vagina is basically not designed for this direction. So the convenience of the posture and its benefits for pleasure are overrated.

2 Fantastic somersault – Sexual Positions that are Overrated

This position is perfect for owners of a large penis. But in any case, not the fact that a girl will appreciate her. If your member is medium-sized, then this pose will turn sexual intercourse into an act of self-torture: the girl will suffer from immobility and, possibly, from neck pain, and you will try to keep up and not “jump out” at the most inopportune moment. In general, it is interesting to see in porn, but not always pleasant in practice.

3 Sexy 69 – Overrated Sexual Positions

You are from below, it is from above. It is from below, you from above are not the essence. It seems that this position was created only for men, or for the sake of indulgence in general. As you know, girls are often more difficult to come to an orgasm.

Pose 69 creates difficulties for them, because it is difficult to concentrate on both things: to give pleasure and to receive it. Well, do not forget about growth. If you are much taller than a girl, this pose will either make you laugh or embarrass both and make you feel awkward. 69 is a rather useless position, but if you know for sure that both you and her like it, then please.

4 Standing and holding a girl in her arms

If you are Hercules himself, you will not succeed in such a pose for a long time. And the question arises: what is the point then? Even for a strong and physically hardy guy, this is very inconvenient. Again, this was invented by porn directors for entertainment.

And such a thing that after this position the girl may remain bruised. You are not schoolchildren to consider this something cool and to see space in hematomas? As a result, you are uncomfortable, it is unpleasant for her – it is better to forget about this position. And if you really want to demonstrate strength, come up with something more useful and effective.

5 Sex In water – Overrated Sexual Positions

Yes, having sex in water is normal. But one cannot deny that it is almost always uncomfortable. In the shower, in the bathroom, in the pool or lake – all this is passionate, romantic, but uncomfortable. In addition, there is always a chance to slip and hit or sip water, which is also not very pleasant. And the most important thing is that water is an anti-lubricant. That is, it will be more difficult to penetrate because of it, and not easier.

Sexual Positions that are Overrated

Most Overrated Sexual Positions
Most Overrated Sexual Positions

Sexual Positions that are Overrated

6 Titty fuck

There are no reliable sources that would explain where it came from. But it is likely that this is another fruit of the porn industry. Why isn’t it cool? There is only a small percentage of women who are able to experience the pleasure of your friction in their breasts. In this case, it is necessary to observe a certain strength and proximity, so that the chances are greater than zero.

The center of the female breast is not exactly the place that stimulates pleasure. It may be pleasant for you. But for a girl in this most often there is nothing more than the realization of what you saw in porn. If you like to caress your breasts, squeeze your nipples and lick them, do it. For her, it will be much nicer than feeling your cock between her breasts.

7 Cum on face

Imagine that each sexual intercourse would end with someone squeezing a stream of salty and hot pasta onto your face. Pleasantly? What can we say about the girls who have to rinse their eyes and wash the lumps from their hair in order to put themselves in order. If this is her desire – so be it. But if she doesn’t like it very much, then be a gentleman — finish off somewhere else.

8 Sex while standing

Just standing. Many girls do not like standing positions for various reasons. It makes them feel awkward. Instead of enjoying the process, they focus on where their arms and legs are currently located. Yes, in the movie it looks very cool, but in fact, it’s like that: two bodies of different heights, and this is very inconvenient.






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