8 Flaws That Girls Like About You

8 Flaws That Girls Like About You

Each of us has something that makes us complex: details in the appearance, a speech defect, and features of the body. Sociologists conducted a survey and compiled a rating of things that most guys consider to be shortcomings, but many girls are crazy about them. For example, you have a habit of picking your nose and wiping your fingers on the table (under the table). A joke, of course. Sociologists kept silent about such male habits.

The rating of attractive flaws included the most common things. We’ll tell about them, and you shake it on the mustache. By the evening, you may get rid of at least one of the complexes. And only today, you may learn that these things are considered flaws.

8 Flaws That Girls Like About You
8 Flaws That Girls Like About You

8 Flaws That Girls Like About You

1 Poor vision

And more precisely – wearing glasses. Many “owners” of poor vision try to get rid of glasses, preferring contact lenses. However, the survey shows that girls with diopter glasses are attracted to girls. They perceive these guys as more intelligent and intelligent, unlike those who do not wear glasses.

2 gray hair – Flaws That Girls Like About You

With age, on a nervous basis, due to genetics – there are many reasons for the appearance of gray hair. Mainly because of her, those with whom she appears early enough begin to worry. German psychologists conducted a study in which it was found that more than 70% of girls consider gray hair attractive and sexy. Also, the owners of silver hair inspire confidence because the color that they think is aging for girls seems to be a great life experience. And this, in turn, allows them to feel close to such a man calmly. If gray-haired – then he knows everything.

8 of your shortcomings that girls like

3 Aggression

Are you all so brutal, with large features and often bullish? Congratulations: most often girls are drawn to just such guys. This is due to the fact that they believe that with them a confident, intelligent and physically strong man. Naive! Sometimes it is, but more often it is not. According to statistics, the majority of men prone to aggressive behavior are daffodils and psychopaths. But you’re not like that, are you? Just a quick-tempered guy, just something!

4 Smell of sweat – Flaws That Girls Like About You

Yes, a slight smell of sweat is what girls like, and not a reason to complex and run into the shower every time the sweat of the armpits. Sweat contains androstadienone, which causes sexual arousal. Remember the Old Spice ad. The heroine of the video was annoyed that the T-shirt is “dry and does not smell at all”, not because she suspected her boyfriend of treason. It’s all about the smell. She just wanted to enjoy its aroma.

But you do not need to relax and become impudent. Smell and stink are diametrically opposite things. Do not forget about hygiene, but do not flush beneficial bacteria from the skin ten times a day.

5 scars

You, of course, have heard the phrase many times: “Scars adorn a man.” But hearing did not mean believing. And the scars are different. For example, burns on exposed parts of the body often cause complexes on their owners, especially on the face. It really can be beautiful. Learn self-acceptance. By the way, girls are not always interested in the history of scar tissue. So before you tell a scary or ridiculous story, make sure that she wants to know.

6 crooked legs

What, as they say, a joke – is unclear. But judging by the survey, many girls like guys with crooked legs (when legs are wheeled, for example). Presumably, this is because bent legs, for some, are an indicator that a person is involved in sports. Yes, it’s strange. But as it turns out – takes place.

7 Loud laughter – Flaws That Girls Like About You

The usual thing is when the guys make noise, attracting the attention of the public with their gossip. And it seems that in principle there is nothing attractive in violating silence and the rules of good form. However, girls see it in their own way. It seems to them that the guys who do not hesitate to laugh at the full throat are not only attractive but also cause sympathy, among others.

8 Bad memory

If you are one of those who forgets where to put on his underpants or socks, which sausage to buy, do not worry. For many girls, male distraction is a complete affection. They are pleased to feel indispensable even in such trifles. To be able to make a list of products, to recall where you threw your beach shorts, is manna from heaven. All this gives reason for pride because if it weren’t for a friend, you would go to work in different socks and with a tasteless sausage.






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