8 Early Relationship Mistakes To Avoid

8 Early Relationship Mistakes To Avoid

Everyone roughly understands what needs to be done to win the girl’s heart. But not every man at the beginning of a relationship can avoid the typical mistakes that can destroy them.

8 Early Relationship Mistakes To Avoid

Early Relationship Mistakes To Avoid
Early Relationship Mistakes To Avoid

1 To be too frank – Early Relationship Mistakes To Avoid

No need to try to tell the girl immediately ALL about yourself and your life. This is especially true for the unpleasant details of his personal life. Most likely, she will think: “If, after a couple of weeks after the start of the relationship, I am already aware of all this, what can I expect from him later?”

Of course, it’s great when you don’t pretend to be anyone and just try to be yourself. But still, it’s better to make a good impression on the girl.

2 Set conditions – Early Relationship Mistakes To Avoid

Terms are a noose for you and your relationship. It is possible to set conditions only if there really is no other way, and one of you does not want to listen to the other or compromise. At the beginning of a relationship, setting conditions for a partner is likely to quickly destroy your trust and your sympathy.

3 Be suspicious – Early Relationship Mistakes To Avoid

From this habit, infantilism generally blows, and sometimes the scale of the catastrophe makes one wonder whether everything is in order with the head of a person. Such behavior can scare away any girl, even the one who is in love with you head over heels. Of course, she’s less likely to leave you right away, but you won’t last long with an unreasonable jealous.

Learn to respect the boundaries of another person, do not even think of arranging various checks, conducting surveillance, persuading friends to ask a girl about things that interest you, or try to get information through her friends.

If you have problems with trust, you do not need to blame the girl – try to figure out yourself, and in some cases – just let go of the situation from the past.

4 Leave a relationship with the head

It is believed that at the beginning of a relationship, people often spend a huge amount of time together, almost without parting. This can quickly get boring, and it is unlikely that with such a joint pastime you will have time to work normally, spend time for yourself, friends and family. Leave yourself for yourself (excuse me for the tautology). You are not a single entity, no matter how beautiful it may sound, but two formed personalities, with your desires, needs, and interests. Moreover, the girl nearby is not the only goal in your life. Do not forget about it. Family, love, education, money: how to set the main life priorities

5 Trying to change a person

Another extremely useless activity, which they love to hunt at the beginning of a relationship. Well, a person will not change until he himself wants it and until he is mentally prepared for change.

So leave your dreams like “well, now she is like that – then I will re-educate her” and say goodbye to these illusions as soon as possible. You will simply waste your strength and your time in vain. So ask yourself right away: are you ready to put up with human shortcomings and the difference in your life goals, or will it be better for you to part?

A great example is when one of you wants children in the future, and some are against it. Of course, you can believe that after a while your partner will change his mind, but imagine how insulting your hopes are. Therefore, choose those that suit you now. Do not expect someone to change later.

6 Meet the Parents – Early Relationship Mistakes To Avoid

No, and one more time no. Getting to know your parents is an important step for both the girl and the parents themselves (it doesn’t matter, yours or hers). This is often taken as an assertion that everything is really serious with you.

There are families in which acquaintance of a girl with her parents is a common thing, but it’s better not to rush. Firstly, in order not to mislead your girlfriend, and secondly, to avoid unnecessary questions in the event of early separation.

7 Ignore personal interests

In general, it is useful to remember this point not only at the initial stage of relations but always in general. One must learn to compromise, and not be a person who is always ready to give in, ignoring his own interests.

Such behavior is very easy and quick to get used to, and if at first it is perceived with gratitude, it can soon become a matter of course. From this moment, the problems begin. So clearly articulate your desires and needs – this is one of the fundamental conditions in a healthy relationship.

8 Avoiding Quarrels – Early Relationship Mistakes To Avoid

It would not hurt to add to the title of the item “at any cost.” Avoiding conflicts, you may think that in this way you maintain mutual understanding and peace in your couple. Only here are the problems that lead to quarrels, it is important to be able to divide into trifling (those that really are not worth the spoiled mood) and serious (those that are better to be spoken, rather than hush up).

If you can’t tell each other what you really think, the value of your relationship is worthless, and what kind of trust can we talk about?






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