7 Ways To Break Habit Of Scolding Yourself

7 Ways To Break Habit Of Scolding Yourself

Home between problems and troubles around looking for the guilty. This may be prevailing circumstances, insufficient resources surrounding people.

And some prefer to blame only themselves for all failures. Is it worth it to be a tough judge for yourself, or should you be kinder not only to other people, but also to yourself? Living with a constant feeling that you do not deserve love and a good relationship, if you did something not perfect enough, do self-flagellation, do not allow yourself to relax and almost tear your hair out in minutes of experience, even a tiny failure – that’s what a nightmare awaits a person who used to scold himself. So close to mental problems. Fortunately, there are several working ways to start changing yourself, getting rid of this bad habit.

7 Ways To Break Habit Of Scolding Yourself

Ways To Break Habit Of Scolding Yourself
Ways To Break Habit Of Scolding Yourself

1 Do not take all the work

If the work can be shared with someone else, do it. Get rid of the installation “if you want to do something well – do it yourself.” As a result, there may not be enough strength, and it will not work well. Do not take responsibility for everyone and try to keep everything under control. And this applies not only to professional activities, but also to other areas of your life, for example, housework or work on relationships. It is much more important to be able to correctly divide responsibilities and try to fulfill your part. The “do it yourself” tactic leads to only disappointments in myself, the results obtained and my strengths.

2 Give yourself as much time as you need – Habit Of Scolding Yourself

Do not scold yourself for the fact that you need more time for any lesson than the rest. It’s normal that not all people can learn a foreign language in a couple of months, learn a new specialty immediately after completing courses, or achieve improvement in a couple of years. We all have different abilities, the speed of mastering new skills, different financial or temporary opportunities. So, instead of turning it into another reason for self-discipline, accept yourself as you are.

3 Learn to Praise Yourself

Praising yourself is very important. Moreover, this should be done not only when achieving some ambitious goals, but for any success. After a hard day ate dinner and immediately washed the dishes, overpowering your laziness? Well done! Managed to finish all the work on time? Keep it up! I saw a pretty girl in a cafe and went up to find out her phone number? Pretty boy! It’s worth noting such moments because they show your positive features. This can help you increase your self-esteem, become more confident in yourself and not be afraid to make mistakes.

4 Stop practicing self-eating – Habit Of Scolding Yourself

If you stumbled (made a mistake, offended someone, forgot about the meeting, etc.), do not immediately begin to blame yourself for it. Even if you really are to blame, just admit it to yourself, ask a person for forgiveness, or think about how you can fix this unpleasant situation. Directing your strength at scolding yourself, losing unsuccessful dialogues or actions in your head dozens of times is at least unproductive. Once you move away from this pattern of behavior, you will realize how easy it is to actually fix most of your bad decisions.

Ways To Break Habit Of Scolding Yourself
Ways To Break Habit Of Scolding Yourself

5 Do not listen to the people around you – Habit Of Scolding Yourself

Do not pay too much attention to the words of the people around you. Of course, this does not mean that you need to ignore all the comments that come to your address – among them there are very valuable tips that would be useful to take into account. The simple fact is that each person has his own opinion on any issue, and getting stuck on criticism is at least wrong. After all, you alone are responsible for your actions, and other people will not help you. And if you rush between the remarks and prompts of others, you don’t have to move at all in pursuit of your goal. You will only get lost in yourself and forget about what you really wanted to achieve.

6 Forget about the attitude that you need to earn a good attitude

Instead, try to be more attentive to yourself. For example, after a hard-working day, no matter how unsuccessful it may be, allow yourself to devote an hour and a half to your favorite activities – watch your favorite movie, read a book or just go outside for a walk before bedtime. And do it not because it is necessary, but because it brings you pleasure.

7 Remember that happiness does not consist in high results.

High results serve as confirmation of your own significance, which you can demonstrate to people around you. However, they are unlikely to be able to make you happy. Happiness is more about love, mutual understanding, the fulfillment of dreams, the presence of close people nearby, etc. Of course, you can and should strive for more – just without fanaticism, without paying for it with your peace and happiness. One must learn to be a little kinder to oneself and not perceive one’s mistakes as a global catastrophe.






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