7 Useless Ways To Save Your Relationship

7 Useless Ways To Save Your Relationship

Frequently after breakup lots of time, serious difficulties occur. It seems that love has disappeared, quarrels, misunderstandings begin. Then you decide to take everything into your own hands and save your relationship. True, far from all the strategies that you have heard can correct the situation.

7 Useless Ways To Save Your Relationship

Useless Ways To Save Your Relationship
Useless Ways To Save Your Relationship

1 Take a break – Useless Ways To Save Your Relationship

Once you agree to take a break in the relationship, they can be considered complete. Seriously, you don’t think that the temporary absence of you in each other’s life will bring the desired result? Most likely, you both will breathe a sigh of relief, because at last, you can do whatever you want without risking hearing a ton of notations.

In addition, this “temporary” gap will attract a lot of extra people into your relationship: parents, friends, work colleagues. Everyone will want to share advice, which can complicate an already strained relationship.

Taking a break is the same as giving up. People who are really not indifferent to each other are in a quarrel and are ready to sleep on different beds to the maximum and not talk until they have completely cooled down.

2 Try to find out the relationship

Call this method whatever you like: let off steam, arrange a quarrel of an intergalactic scale, or simply sort things out. The result is still the same: a scandal. The method will work only if both partners understand that it is best to sort things out in a peaceful environment, without swearing, broken dishes, or threats to leave for mom.

Well, by the way: if you nevertheless are already sitting at the negotiating table and are ready to engage in dialogue, in no case do not begin to recall each other all the old insults and mistakes. Problems, in this case, will not go away, unlike a loved one.

3 Try to cause jealousy – Useless Ways To Save Your Relationship

“You think I won’t find anyone else?” – you say in your hearts, wanting to show your partner how cool you are. True, in reality, it looks different: it seems to a person that you simply do not value them. Your attempts to involve someone else in your relationship (an ex-girlfriend or a pretty colleague) more often than not lead to jealousy and reconciliation, but to a final break without hope for a common future.

Jealousy is a strong feeling that can ruin even the most ideal relationship, and it is foolish to hope that your romance, cracking at the seams, it can somehow heal. Most likely, your girlfriend will breathe a sigh of relief, because you have already shown her that if you part, you have someone to go to.

4 Change the environment

Planning a romantic weekend in a country house or somewhere in Bali is, of course, great. But only if your relationship is not going through hard times. There is nothing worse than leaving to relax in a cozy place with a person who is moving more and more away from you every day.

Speaking frankly, then, firstly, this is a lot of stress. Imagine: you are tearing each other out of the usual way of life, in which the two of you are not particularly comfortable. Secondly, when you change the situation, most likely you will have to be around 24/7. You will need to constantly communicate, and avoiding unwanted conversations will become much more difficult.

5 Have a baby – Useless Ways To Save Your Relationship

“Of course, now we have a very bad relationship, but with the advent of the child, they will definitely improve.” I would like to ask one question: “Why is this?” Well, why should a child act as a conciliator?

A child is a huge responsibility, one hundred percent attention 24 hours a day and the inclusion of two people in the process. Some couples go to the decision to have a baby for many years. You must understand that after his birth, the child will not go anywhere – this is for life. So if you don’t know how to compromise, understand each other and sacrifice yourself, it’s better not to even think about becoming parents.

Moreover, if everything is not going smoothly in your relationship, your unborn child has every chance of growing up without one of the parents. Well, either you will live under one roof, hating each other, which is no better.

6 Legalize relationships

And although this method is not as radical as the previous one, but it will not bring any good in the same way. Firstly, to offer a hand and a heart when something is clearly not sticking to you is a desperate attempt to attract a person to you, literally a cry for help. Secondly, if you are seriously considering this scenario, you should be sure that you have something to save.

7 Seek advice – Useless Ways To Save Your Relationship

Let your parents have lived in a happy marriage for more than 20 years or your best friend has become an exemplary family man, or maybe your sister is a psychologist and she has an ideal relationship, this is not your story. Relationships are not built on some kind of template, and there is no universal way to preserve them, so no one can help you with any advice. Moreover, others are unlikely to fully imagine what is happening between you, and even the most harmless advice can only exacerbate the misunderstanding in the pair.






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