7 Uncommon Things For Which She loves you

7 Uncommon Things For Which She loves you

If you were wondering why a girl loves you, you probably first came up with obvious reasons, among which were both practical (earning, knowing how to solve problems) and emotional (you are soul mates, you are her support and protection).

But you hardly thought that among practical reasons there are those about which she does not speak. And if he does, you do not attach any importance to this. We found some unobvious things that will help you understand that she appreciates you for every little thing.

7 Uncommon Things For Which She loves you

Uncommon Things For Which She loves you
Uncommon Things For Which She loves you

1 Dealing with insects in the apartment with one left

Men are less squeamish than women. And if on the second the hairy legs of a cockroach or someone else are terrified and horrified, then for you it is just a bug, which, of course, was at the wrong time and in the wrong place, because you are about to ask it.

You are the only one in the house who knows where the fly swatter and mosquito and midge remedies are located. When insects disturb your peace, you know how to protect your girlfriend and get rid of the inconvenience caused by buzzing creatures.

2 Scratching her back – Things For Which she loves you

For some reason, many people think that the back itches only among men. But you blur with pleasure when it scratches your back? So, she really likes it too. She also loves it when you rub her back in the bathroom. As Hippolytus said, “rub the back, please.” Fulfilling these little requests means a lot to her.

3 throwing away trash And, of course, in no case do this in the evenings. Do you remember that those who take out the trash in the evening are in danger of poverty? Perhaps sometimes you even get annoyed by the fact that she never does it herself. But it can be understood. If she has you, the economy, the best and generally a hero, then why make extra gestures?

4 Easy to open cans and bottles

Or not with ease, but still open. Only you know that you need to let out air from a jar of jammed jam on the balcony by tucking the lid with a knife, and then it will open easily. Well, bottle caps have to be unscrewed, because you always tighten them.

For you, this is a common thing for her – something from the category of fiction. And even if she herself knows about all the tricks, she is still pleased to realize that you know how to do everything. As the saying goes, jack of all trades.

5 You get after her when she went too far with a portion

Eyes larger than the stomach are not uncommon. And if you cooked dinner, then, most likely, on her plate there will be a man’s portion of potatoes and meat. Eat hot and half a can of cucumbers for dinner, and then herring with onions is a common thing for you.

She is unlikely to master all these tricks and, of course, will ask you to finish eating. Willingly agreeing, you pour at least a liter bottle of balm on her heart. Yes, many girls love it when guys eat well, rather than confine themselves to bread and cheese.

Weird things why she loves you

6 Clean her laptop – Things For Which she loves you

You clean the system and keep the device clean. You have special cleaners and rags on the shelf that make the laptop display shine and its case shine. When you use simple programs to clean the system and run disk defragmenter, you are a computer genius for it

not otherwise. Perhaps her friends are already aware that you are “excellent” versed in technology, and they lined up for you to fix their tired computers.

7 Know how to peel the pineapple, pomegranate, and coconut

Or some other fruits. When you make manipulations on any fruits, according to the life hacks that you looked at YouTube, she does not doubt for a second that you are a chef. And, perhaps, he thinks to himself that she herself would never have thought of such a thing. Of course, you didn’t think of it yourself either. But you know how to use the Internet to good use, and that’s good.






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