7 Things That Make You Miserable

7 things that make you miserable – From time to time, you feel miserable and it is possible that you are doing some of the things that make you miserable. It happens to everyone. However, you may be doing some things that cause this feeling. And you may not even realize that you yourself are making yourself miserable. Look at the points below, and as you read it, sometimes try to ask yourself: “Am I really doing this?”

Things That Make You Miserable

Things That Make You Miserable
Things That Make You Miserable

1 Trying to change your feelings

When there is a feeling that something is wrong in your life, you begin to doubt your feelings. You ask yourself questions like “Is it normal to feel what I feel?”, “Why is it so hard?”, “Why don’t I feel better?” Life is a series of ebbs and flows, and you need to understand that ups and downs are an integral part of it. It is perfectly normal to experience negative feelings.

When sadness grips you, you don’t need to wonder if this is normal immediately. Do not go into panic mode and try to change your feelings. Allowing yourself to feel what you are feeling, you do the following: remain yourself, allow yourself to analyze your thoughts. The point is to go through negative emotions, to cope with them. Trying to change them, you will deceive yourself, and this can drag a black strip of life into a knot.

2 Assuming the worst – Things That Make You Miserable

Doubtful people always assume the worst. But even if you are not one of them, you may have a state where you feel bad. They didn’t call you in time, as promised, and that’s all: you have a car accident, a murder, or something else on your mind. When a person feels happy, he suggests the best in any situation. He is not in a hurry with negative conclusions, because he understands that this will cause premature sadness, anger and disappointment.

It is worth giving preference to doubt. If you think that reality is pretty bad, go into problem-solving mode. You will feel more soberly and will be able to cope with the negative wave. Instead of thinking that something happened to the person, think: maybe he is working on some kind of surprise for you and does not respond, because there is no time.

3 You live in the past

You live in the past and that is one of the things that make you miserable. Have you ever replayed the same problems in your head? Claims at work, quarrel with a friend. If you harbor a grudge, then most likely you live in the past, losing a grudge record over and over again. You need to live in the present, at the moment. This does not mean that you should forget about the past forever, and this does not mean that you do not need to consider your future and think about it.

It is important to understand that there must be a balance between past and present. Sometimes, to move on, you just need to retreat. Yes, it’s not easy, but it will allow you to make the present happy.

4 Do you believe that you will be happy only when your dream comes true

Happiness is determined not by what is happening around you, but by what is happening inside you. Who do you think will be happier: the one who decides for himself that he will be happy only when he earns a million or the one who believes that happiness is to sit at the table and have dinner with his family?

Yes, having Napoleonic plans and high goals is good. But when you connect your happiness with future successes, which may not happen, you will never find joy in the present. Find the things that excite you today.

Things That Make You Miserable
Things That Make You Miserable

5 Compare yourself with others – Things That Make You Miserable

Many of us play an internal comparison with others. For example, you will work out one day and might compare yourself with professional mixed martial artist and boxer Conor McGregor and realize you are nothing but some amateur. Who knows – maybe, unlike you, he is completely unable to cook or sing? Or maybe you drive a car better than him?

To look only at a small part of a person and to rank it against yourself is a meaningless undertaking. You are much more than this piece of your life that you are now viewing under a microscope. The habit of comparing yourself to others brings nothing in your life but dissatisfaction, and that is what making you miserable. If you still can’t stop comparing yourself, start comparing yourself to yourself. Perhaps you are better today than you were yesterday?

6 Believe all your thoughts

The trick is that believing every thought that comes to mind is wrong and unsafe. Sometimes the brain seems to be joking with us, and we can think about what we really do not believe in. This may exist in the form of self-repression or doubts about the honesty and trust of a friend or loved one. Emotions, anxiety and fear make us think of unnecessary negative things.

Happy people do not believe everything that comes into their heads. It happens that when you calm down and feel better, you realize that what you believed a while ago is just absurd. Many seem to have felt this way.

7 Spending time with unhappy people

Your vibe attracts your tribe. You are the sum of the people with whom you spend the most time. If your friends are a constant source of negativity in your life, it may be time to find more positive people. When it comes to the friendship that you carried through the years, it becomes difficult. In such a situation, you can simply reduce communication or tell a friend that he should work on positive thinking.

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