7 Self Destructive Habits That Deprive Your Talent And Originality

7 Self-Destructive Habits That Deprive Your Talent And Originality

Self Realization – is the process of becoming the best version of himself, and this is what I wish each one of us, whether he realizes it or not. A person who embarks on the path of self-realization is not afraid to take risks, fully accepts himself, is motivated to grow and develop his most powerful qualities.

For self-realization, you will need a lot of strength and dedication, but this does not mean that you are unlikely to succeed. Your primary task is to get rid of habits that completely destroy your chances of self-actualization. It is they who restrain your talents and rob you of your personality.

Self-Destructive Habits That Deprive Your Talent And Originality
Self Destructive Habits That Deprive Your Talent And Originality

7 Self-Destructive Habits

1 You put other people above yourself -Self Destructive Habits

Let’s briefly go over the main signs that you put other people too high in your life, and you yourself are in the last place:

-You often fear that people will stop loving or respecting you.

-You feel guilty when you do something for yourself, not for others.

-You put other people’s needs above your own.

If you recognize yourself in these statements, we have bad news for you: at least you do not value your time and your strengths, and at the maximum, you do not use your potential. And how can you prove yourself if you are constantly busy with thoughts about how to help someone else?

One who respects his own time will think carefully before giving it to someone else. Although helping others is great, neglecting your own needs in this process can seriously hinder your self-actualization. If you want to grow and develop, you just need to allocate time for this.

2 you censor yourself -Self Destructive Habits

Self-censorship is abstinence from actions and decision-making that express exactly what you originally had in mind. Usually, this happens when you start to be afraid: “Is what I say/write/do is stupid?”, “What would my friends/parents/partner say if they saw this?”

Fear of criticism prevents you from doing what you really like. Censorship, in turn, makes it impossible for you to openly create and be yourself. Do what you want, despite the risk of being misunderstood.

3 You succumb to pressure and try to fit into a certain framework -Self Destructive Habits

Self-actualization excludes adaptation to others and attempts to squeeze into a certain framework. The true version may not please you all, and that’s fine. Trying to “fit in” can destroy what makes you unique and make you feel miserable.

Stay true to yourself, no matter what other people say, following these tips:

-Understand your values ​​and stick to them.

-Always think before you act.

-Do not give up your dreams, because someone else does not believe that you can realize them.

-Surround yourself with people who will support you.

-Do not change yourself just to please someone else.

Self-Destructive Habits That Deprive Your Talent And Originality
Self-Destructive Habits That Deprive Your Talent And Originality

4 You think your ideas are worthless -Self Destructive Habits

This may be the so-called impostor syndrome, or you are simply not confident in yourself and your own strengths. There can be many reasons, but the result is always the same: you begin to doubt yourself and decide to abandon your ideas. You may think that everything ingenious in the world has long been invented, but every year more and more modernizations of simple and familiar ideas appear to us. Why not try to realize what you have in mind?

5 You do not believe that you can succeed

“I’m from a small town”, “I don’t have influential acquaintances”, “Nobody knows me” – you can give hundreds of more examples of excuses that allow you to abandon talents and to score for their further development. You are too pessimistic or do not believe that you can succeed in the same way as hundreds and thousands of other people born “in the wrong place” or “in the wrong family”. Remember: connections, money and the capital’s origin still mean nothing. Where your ambitions are more important.

6 The development of your strengths is not your priority

In the first place, you always have something else: making money, a career at work that you don’t like, etc. No, these are not bad goals, and no one will blame you for the desire to satisfy your needs. Just the sooner you make self-realization your priority goal, the sooner you can develop in your favorite areas by monetizing them.

7 You think you don’t have time to develop

You’re busy all the time. From morning to evening at work, and by night you have absolutely no strength left to engage in self-development. The only thing you dream about in the evening is rather to crawl to your bed and chop off so that the next morning everything repeats again. Thus, you can never take the time to develop your strengths. You will either begin to single out at least 15–20 minutes in your schedule to read something on the topic or listen to an informative podcast, or you will remain at the same level of development. The choice is yours.






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