7 Reasons Why Girls Find You Boring

7 Reasons Why Girls Find You Boring

In the eyes of a girl, you can become either be very interesting or be boring on the first date and in the third year of your relationship. And when you notice that a lady is not satisfied with the communication and spending time together, you begin to delve into yourself. Digging deep, but you find a little.

Some people think: “There were flowers, movies too, stories about work seemed interesting to her – what’s wrong?” Yes, a lot may be wrong. For example, you didn’t entertain her with cooking things. But there are many reasons, and we will talk about the most common of them.

7 Reasons Why Girls Find You Boring

7 Reasons Why Girls Find You Boring
7 Reasons Why Girls Find You Boring

1 You do not love yourself – Reasons Why Girls Find You Boring

If you underestimate yourself, consider yourself a failure – why did you get the idea that someone will perceive you differently? You must radiate confidence. You should not go to extremes – narcissism is also not good. But to be moderately firm and decisive is necessary. A guy who is full of doubts may not be interesting.

2 You are closed and passive

It is important to listen to the girl. But it should not look like that, sitting at a table in a restaurant, the girl conducts a monologue, and you only do that, you nod and smile. The ability to maintain a conversation is the key to useful knowledge about it and an understanding of common interests.

About the passivity. You met, for example, on the street. Autumn is cool – walking is not an option for a date. You should not wait for offers from the girl to go somewhere – you have everything thought out and prepared.

Make an action plan in your mind. If you have problems with decisiveness, write down everything to such trifles as how to help her take off her coat, sit at the table, offer something tasty from the menu. If you wait for some signals to understand what needs to be done, she will decide everything for you (or not), and she is unlikely to like it. Most likely, there will be no second date.

Reasons Why She Thinks You’re Boring

3 You are too involved in other relationships

Friendly, kindred, professional. Here we are talking more about a long term relationship and not about the first meeting. Being involved in other relationships takes a lot of your energy, and there is no energy left for the couple, your enthusiasm disappears.

This is a long jump, which leads to unpleasant consequences. If you are trouble-free and you can always help everyone – well done, but you need to be able to say no and think about yourself and about her.

4 You made her expectations too high – Reasons Why Girls Find You Boring

We met by correspondence, for example. And, sitting at home, in your comfortable chair, where you are the king and nothing prevents you from being cool, you write her whole canvases about yourself and about everything. In general, he painted everything in such a way that she began to jumble from the expectation of a meeting.

Only you forgot to clarify that you can communicate like this only on the Web. She will come on a date and will understand that the one with whom she corresponded and the one whom she sees are two different people.

In general, you should not do stupid things and create an online image of a tough guy. Be yourself everywhere. Otherwise, you can’t avoid the fact that she will begin to compare your real image with the virtual one and come to the conclusion that you are Leo Tolstoy in words but in reality … You know the continuation.

5 You often complain

For life, for people and in general. Nobody likes whiners. Even the parents of whiners who are supposed to console children by saying “everything will work out” think to themselves: “Why don’t you gather your strength, my God!”

The world is imperfect, as are the people in it. If it’s hard for you to take any things and you don’t have patience, willpower – get a diary into which you can cry out by taking a pen or pencil. But you definitely shouldn’t do it in your girlfriend’s blouse.

6 you are too restrained

The ability to smooth corners is good. But excessive self-control and avoiding quarrels is a sure way to a boring relationship. Sometimes shakes are necessary.

Do not make yourself a time bomb. No matter how patient you are, you will never be able to stay that way, and sooner or later there will be an emotional explosion, the wave of which will cover even those who do not deserve it. And sometimes thanks to quarrels, sex is more interesting.

7 There is no that unites you

It concerns your interests and not only. You are not united by a love for a particular genre of music or cinema; your views differ. Do you prefer the classics – she loves hardcore techno. But these are trifles in comparison with the outlook on life and its perception as a whole.

For example, you are a careerist, and she is a romantic person – family values ​​are important to her. Your stories about how you achieved everything yourself (or not), about accounting and employees who do not do their job in good faith, tire it. But to tell her about how you imagine that you are headlong running home from work, and your beloved is waiting for you, and this is the most important thing for you – what you need.

However, this is an option if you really thought about this, and do not start talking in vain. If you want a girl to be interested in your work, and this is extremely important for you, you are not on the way. Well, either re-evaluate the values, reflect on your behavior and correctly prioritize. It’s good to have your own house, but it’s even better when they are waiting for you in it. And as we said in the second paragraph – to find things that unite you, you need to not only talk but also be able to listen.






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