7 Reasons To Stay Socially Active

7 Reasons To Stay Socially Active

We get acquainted with social networks, communicate in instant messengers, and in general, we feel the need for live communication is extremely rare.

It’s hard for us to start a conversation, to support it, to offer people our ideas. Most of us develop social phobia. It would seem that it’s terrible to minimize communication with people around us?

Social activity is the most important component of our life, which plays almost the main role in the development of personality. We present for review some significant reasons why you should try to be a socially active person.

7 Reasons To Stay Socially Active

1 You improve your skills – Reasons To Stay Socially Active

1 You improve your skills - Reasons To Stay Socially Active

You must develop in all directions, be it a job or a hobby. Of course, it’s nice to do such things in complete solitude: you can concentrate and save yourself from external irritants. But this does not lead you to the maximum development of skills. For example, you have a hobby – playing chess. You can play with yourself or choose a computer as your rivals, but it’s much more interesting to play a game with real people. And besides, the computer is not yet able to replace full-fledged human communication.

2 you get emotional discharge – Reasons To Stay Socially Active

A man, although he can, but hardly wants to live alone. It is communication with other people that allows you to emotionally unload, find more effective solutions to problems, share your experiences and receive support. By isolating yourself from others, you become more irritable. Due to the long lack of communication, many people break the habit of interacting with others and try to replace the lack of social contacts with bad habits (for example, a long stay in social networks, etc.). But after some time, all these “substitutes” are bored, and you still remain depressed.

3 You make useful contacts – Reasons To Stay Socially Active

A person is simply unable to solve many problems on his own. In such situations, useful connections are useful. They help save resources that can be spent on more interesting activities. In addition, useful contacts can significantly improve many areas of your life. As they say, do not have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred acquaintances who can come to your aid in difficult times.

4 You can count on mutual assistance – Reasons To Stay Socially Active

Speaking of the end of the previous paragraph. Mutual assistance is actually a very cool thing, which allows two or more people to solve their problems or achieve their goals much easier and faster. You render a service to a man, and in return, he helps you out when you need his help. This help can be expressed not only in certain actions but also in banal advice. Sometimes a glance from the side and a useful remark are enough to cope with a seemingly insoluble problem.

5 You accelerate the process of self-development

When a person surrounds himself with smart and interesting people, he automatically becomes a more developed and versatile personality. In the course of communication, you can learn new facts, expand ideas about the world, revise your view of familiar things. Each person with whom you interact, in some way, helps you improve. Some people push you to become better, while others show you by their own example what kind of person you shouldn’t be. So carefully approach the choice of your environment and try to gather around yourself those whom you would like to be like in the future.

Reasons To Stay Socially Active
Reasons To Stay Socially Active

6 You become a sought-after specialist

Now even in those professions that at first glance do not imply constant communication with people, you should not only be a good specialist with proven skills and extensive experience, but also a sociable and charismatic person. Communication with people is everywhere: if it’s not customers, then colleagues; if you work alone, then this is interaction with the boss. It is unlikely that you will take root in the company if you do not find a common language with your neighbors in the workplace. It is unlikely that your potential employer will hire you if you impress him as a closed, unsociable person. Everywhere, the ability to find a specific approach to people is appreciated, whatever one may say.

7 You gain happiness

Happy is he who has understanding relatives, loyal friends and a loved one. But in order to achieve the above, at least one of these points, you need to be socially active. It is unlikely that acquaintance in social networks will give you a best friend with whom in the future there will be something to remember. Exceptions do occur, but they are too rare to rely on luck. You can earn a lot, live in a big house and drive your own car, but you can feel unhappy due to the fact that in a difficult moment you do not have a single person to whom you can come and express everything that lies on your soul. Happiness is not only in money or fame – it is in those with whom it will be a joy to share all this.






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