7 Mistakes You Make In Morning

7 Mistakes You Make In Morning

I woke up, looked at the alarm clock, scratched where necessary, I realized that you can lie down for another ten minutes. He opened his eyes – lay for an hour. In a panic, you break away and, neglecting breakfast and common sense, rush to work. My head doesn’t boil, people are furious, the mood is filthy, you dream that evening should come soon.

Like to live like that? We think not. Let’s get rid of regular morning mistakes.

7 Mistakes You Make In Morning

1 go to bed late – Mistakes You Make In Morning

This leads to a major morning mistake – chronic lack of sleep. Sleep is not for wimps. Sleep is the only way to live a decent day. It was at school that you could brag about staying up late, but now it’s stupid. You need to work productively and keep up with everything. And you fall asleep on the go, and your brain is not able to think. Without enough sleep, your morning begins with the thought, “Hurry this day would end.” Very bad attitude, especially if you want to succeed in this life. Although what kind of success there may be: you wake up with a plague head and slurred thoughts, you realize that you overslept, you start to pack up in the bustle, so you don’t come to your senses, and you pick up the girl’s spirits and grab a bag of garbage in the corridor instead of a bag in the evening, and try to get into the bus with him until the conductor stops you. It happens.

More than 80 million Russians experience the side effects of sleep deprivation every night. This can be manifested in the absence of attention, or even depression. And then no coffee will help you. By the way, coffee should be enjoyed, tasted and relished, and not drunk as a medicine, just to cheer up. This is not eleutherococcus.

Doctors advise you to sleep 7-8 hours a day. So if you follow this advice, you will avoid 90% of the remaining errors.

2 Waking up wrong – Mistakes You Make In Morning

Usually in the movies we are shown three ways to wake up:

1. A hairy man wakes up as if nothing had happened, literally jumps out of bed and, as if his body has not been at rest for the past 8 hours, almost skips to the shower;

2. A hairy man wakes up like you. At the second signal of the alarm clock, he rises languidly from the bed, and also goes languidly to make coffee.

3. The hairy man realizes that he overslept, and with a cry, full of despair, rushes into the bathroom, putting on his shirt on the go.

No matter which way is closer to you, the important thing is that all three options are wrong. But first you need to put the alarm away from the bed. So that you had to get out of bed to turn it off. Without repetition, only one call, otherwise you give yourself big trouble, give a false hope to sleep, which will result in complete disappointment. You can sit on the bed, do some fun, come to your senses and slowly go to the morning routines. It’s dangerous to go to bed; you can sleep for an hour. Try immediately after waking up to do something that can bring you joy. Everything will work out: from masturbation to the kiss of a beloved woman, from a match in FIFA to your favorite music.

3 Nothing prepared – Mistakes You Make In Morning

According to Confucius, success depends on … Intelligence? Talent? The correct answer is preparation. Not so pathetic, but true. Almost everything good in life needs some preparation.

The same goes for your morning. You need to wake up to everything ready and armed. Do not forget that our time is limited, so the best way to survive is to avoid delays and hesitation.

What does it mean? Everything is extremely simple: clothes need to be ironed in advance, it is better to remove cash from the card in the evening, you should refuel the car the day before. Check the razor – maybe the blades become dull and become sharp as cotton. See if you have any food for breakfast or if you have to go for a shawarma. All this time, all these are nerves.

4 No plan – Mistakes You Make In Morning

We have repeatedly advised you to stick to a clearly defined plan . We recommend it as a panacea for all life problems. But what to do, the thing is effective. Use it at least in the morning to be in time everywhere.

Most importantly, treat it as if it were part of your work. Maybe after that you will treat her more responsibly. Only in no case do not take the routine as an element of everyday routine. It is rather a cure, a panacea for the disease.

Count everything down to the smallest detail: from the time you set aside for breakfast, to the time to travel. The main thing is that there is not much time left. It’s better to come to work a little in advance than to be late for an hour.

To keep up with everything, you do not have to wake up at 5 in the morning. Take a look at your routine. Maybe something can be reduced, but something can be transferred to the evening hours? Maybe it’s more convenient for you to have breakfast along the way, especially if morning food is real torture for you? Speaking of breakfast.

5 Lack of breakfast – Mistakes You Make In Morning

It is better to neglect shaving than breakfast, otherwise you will later disgust your stomach at the whole office and you will not be able to concentrate on work, because hunger prevents this. Then you will count until lunchtime the seconds that seem to you forever. And breakfast is your only chance to spend as much time as possible with those who are dear to you. We live more and more at work, we only eat and sleep at home, so cherish any opportunity. But if your woman sleeps while you are going to work, then everything is in vain.

6 You are wasting time, but you could …

We underestimate the morning too much, but in vain. Your body has a million possibilities: the brain alone, rested and refreshed, is capable of much. And while your body receives biological fuel through breakfast, the brain may well receive intellectual recharge. You can listen to an audiobook, podcast, watch a lecture by Klim Zhukov. It’s all about personal development and how you feel about it. Exploit endorphins wisely, and do not squander them in vain. And if you really do not want to strain your brains, then strain your muscles. In the morning, physical exercises not only tone up the body and knock all shit out of your head, they motivate you to rip your asses off to everyone who stands in your way.

7 Things lie anywhere

Can you name the second most popular reason for being late with homo sapiens? No, not a traffic jam, it is in third place, and in second is a frantic search for wallets, phones, apartment keys. Here is the most annoying: you got up in advance, had breakfast, but you can’t find the keys. It turns out that all this time they were in your pocket. Therefore, try to keep basic necessities (and nowadays it is just the phone and keys) in the same place. Not in a conspicuous place, because more often than not, what lies beneath the nose is lost, but in a strictly designated place.

Fasten a couple of hooks near the front door and hang the keys there, let the phone all the time lie in your pocket, do not pull out your wallet from the inside pocket. Strict ordering will save you from the morning search hell. And so it should be with everything, and not just with keys.






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