7 How To Recognize Toxic Friends

7 How To Recognize Toxic Friends

Most of us many times in my life faced by people who call themselves our friends. You trust them, spend time with them, but after a few months or years, for some reason, their hidden motives and true nature appear.

Perhaps they mistreated you, ignored you when you needed their help, or used you as a tool for your own gain. These people are difficult to identify, but they tend to fall into seven specific categories. Knowing the categories can help you identify such a “friend” in your circle, or at least become more careful in communication.

7 How To Recognize Toxic Friends

How To Recognize Toxic Friends
How To Recognize Toxic Friends

1 friend who will compete with you – How To Recognize Toxic Friends

Unfortunately, this type of “friend” is quite common. Have you ever had a friend who, when you start telling him about your success, is trying to win an impromptu battle taking place in his head at that moment, trying to make himself a more successful person? Then it is a competitor.

Each of your achievements is a challenge for such “friends”. If you buy a car – they are trying to save up for even more; if you have a new hobby, they do the same with the sole intention of becoming better than you. If they cannot defeat you, they try to ruin your pleasure.

2 A friend who will be there only when he needs help

This is the one who behaves like your friend only when it suits him. Outwardly such people can be friendly, it’s even fun to communicate with them. But most of the time, such a “friend” disappears in debts that will never be repaid, borrowed items that you will never see again, and promises to “help in return”, which were never destined to come true. True friends are always with you, both in good times and in difficult times. A friend who needs only help from you is never shown at a time when you have a difficult period.

3 A friend who will manipulate you – How To Recognize Toxic Friends

A manipulator is one of the most dangerous forms of fake friends because they are the hardest to find. A manipulator comes into play only when he has already earned your appreciation and your trust. The manipulator has no reason to take into account your thoughts and feelings since for him you are just a chance to get what he wants.

How To Recognize Toxic Friends
How To Recognize Toxic Friends

4 A friend who will imitate you – How To Recognize Toxic Friends

A kind of person – a copy machine. It can be compared more like a fan: it is insightful and cunning, constantly compliments you and does not consider borrowing your personality traits and other individual qualities as something bad. The ultimate goal of such actions is unclear, but perhaps he would like to see any of your personal qualities in himself. With good friends, you have the opportunity to challenge each other, grow and learn more about each other. A “friend” who will imitate you is more like a deformed mirror or a caricature of your personality.

5 A friend who gives you compliments

The love of compliments is part of human nature, and often we like those who compliment us. Beware of those who compliment you too often because they know this. Some people throw praise and gratitude at you just to quickly gain confidence in you. If possible, you should try to understand what their goals are.

6 A friend who betrays you and your trust – How To Recognize Toxic Friends

Such people really could once be true friends to you. You could be as important to them as they are to you. Such a person stays and behaves like your friend, while secretly does something that can betray you and your trust.

7 A friend who communicates with you because of status

He treats friends in the same way that others value expensive clothes or luxuries that can enhance their status. Such a person is ready to leave you when he feels that you are no longer needed to climb the social ladder. Like a manipulator, he only communicates with you if you are beneficial to him and cares little about your feelings or desires.






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