7 Habits That Pull You To Bottom

7 habits that pull you to the bottom. The habits are expressed not only in taste preferences or in our favorite clothes, but also in the way of thinking and behavior.

Have you ever thought that some habits that you usually prefer to ignore pull you down and prevent you from developing? Psychologists recommend ruthlessly getting rid of any “useless burden” in human life. Take a closer look at yourself and start to keep your own statistics of useless habits in order to get rid of if not all, then at least most of them.

7 Habits That Pull You To Bottom

Habits That Pull You To Bottom
Habits That Pull You To Bottom

1 The habit of inaction

Sometimes it seems that in order to avoid mistakes and failures, it’s enough not to try your hand at anything new. Yes, this minimizes all possible risks, but think for a moment: you yourself reject any, even the slightest, chances to learn something. Standing still means depriving yourself of the opportunity to develop as a person or specialist. Now that the world around you is changing rapidly, you cannot afford to sit back. If you want to see yourself as a successful person in the future, you will have to survive a series of falls. It doesn’t work otherwise.

2 The habit of criticizing oneselfHabits That Pull You To Bottom

This activity is so fascinating that it is quite possible to devote your whole life to it. But you can go the other way and instead of endless self-eating, learn to accept and love yourself with all your flaws, which, by the way, can be corrected with a great desire. Self-criticism, contrary to popular belief, does not help you to become better at all, but, on the contrary, completely kills faith in yourself and your strength. When a person believes that he always does everything in full force and lags behind other people, his motivation rapidly evaporates, and it will be very difficult to return it.

3 The habit of seeming perfect in the eyes of others

A person spends a tremendous amount of time and effort on the formation of his image. But this is completely unjustified if you are trying to impersonate someone else. In other words, if you give all your best in order to emphasize your positive aspects, it is commendable, but if you create only the appearance of a successful person who does not have a single drawback, then your actions are doomed to failure. Realize that you are just a person, and each of the people has the right to be imperfect. And if it seems to you that in your life there are these same mythical “ideal people”, then take a closer look, are they really happy or just pretend that everything is fine with them.

4 The habit of hiding your feelingsHabits That Pull You To Bottom

It’s one thing when you try to curb your emotions so as not to do stupid things and not tell people too much, and it’s quite another thing when you’re just used to hiding your feelings from everyone around you. If you chose the second option, we hasten to upset you: this strategy is more than a failure. First of all, because you will never be heard. If something worries you, annoys or does not suit you, just try to convey your emotions to the interlocutor or the object of your experiences. Often people do not even realize that their words or actions caused you a negative reaction. As soon as you share your feelings, a person will be able to take note of this information and change his behavior. Well, you can breathe out with a calm soul.

LeightonHabits That Pull You To Bottom, Jonathan
Habits That Pull You To Bottom

5 The habit of setting only modest goals

There are goals that can easily be achieved by spending several hours or days. But there are tasks for the fulfillment of which months or even years are required. They are large-scale, ambitious and at the same time quite realistic, if, of course, you pay special attention to them. So, try to set yourself not only small, but also fairly large goals. Only in this way will you be able to turn your life for the better and finally begin to use your potential to the maximum.

6 The habit of looking for the guiltyHabits That Pull You To Bottom

Blaming yourself is just as bad as looking for the guilty among those around you. You may wonder: what then do? Everything is very simple: stop devoting so much effort and attention to finding those responsible for failure or failure. If you can fix something that brings you inconvenience or anxiety, do it yourself. No value judgments, no lamentations, no accusations. Just take and correct, instead of delving into your own or someone else’s guilt.

7 The habit of harboring resentment

Million Dollar Advice: Learn to forgive and don’t overwork your brain. If a person has stumbled or offended you in his hearts – do not hold him angry. Talk to him, explain what hit you, and accept his apologies. If the situation is too serious – let’s say you were framed, betrayed or intentionally made a fool – think about whether you should continue to communicate with such a person. There is no need to keep people around you who do not value you and do not respect you. In this case, the person is not worth your worries. Remember, any grievances cause inconvenience to you first of all, and you are forced to suffer, while the culprit of your bad mood calmly lives on and enjoys his life.

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