6 Tips On How To Make Someone Miss You

6 Tips On How To Make Someone Miss You

There are people to whom you miss from time to time. And when such a person appears, many people are happy with him, and he is always a welcome conversationalist and guest. You too can become such a person if you adhere to some rules and tricks. And you will notice that after a short period of time you will become few for some people.

6 Tips On How To Make Someone Miss You

Tips On How To Make Someone Miss You
Tips On How To Make Someone Miss You

Leave any reminders about yourself

And it doesn’t matter who it is – a girl, acquaintance or work colleague – no one knows what you need it for, but if you are already tuned in, it means you need it. Most likely, this will come in handy for you with a girl, and with her, it can be done easier than anything else. Just before leaving, you forget something small and insignificant at her house. Of course, not candy wrappers from sweets, otherwise she will just throw them away, but some bracelet or accessory – in general, is something that you can do without in the near future.

You don’t need to forget the keys to the car or your backpack, otherwise, she will not miss you, but you – the wallet and everything else that might lie in the backpack. So it’s better to stop at a small thing that this person will look at and involuntarily remember you.

Work on self-esteem – How To Make Someone Miss You

Your internal state reflects the external state, so if you are really a notorious and intrusive person, then you are not like girls – your native mother will not miss you (okay, the mother will most likely be, but she is nobody else) .

Work on yourself, convince yourself that you are welcome and in demand. Stop imposing yourself everywhere – and you will notice how over time you will be more willing to be invited to various places. Confident and charismatic personalities have always attracted people. And what is not an extra reason to become one of them?

How to Make a Man Miss You

Do not rush things

Everything needs time – relationships, a career, a bus that goes to your stop. Do not hope that you have stopped calling and being imposed – and one day later they will call you with laudatory reviews on the topic of how you changed. Live here and now, enjoy the current moment – you don’t need to sit and wait for a raise in the hope that then everything will change.

No, live now, enjoy the fact that you can leave work early and are not burdened with responsibility – then you won’t be able to (but then you can enjoy an expensive car). Yes, and in relationships, it also works: do not try to spend a huge amount of time with a girlfriend, do not bother. Finally, ask yourself how you can miss the person you see 24/7? So don’t become like that and don’t let me get bored in response – dispense communication.

Spend time with friends

No need to constantly focus on your object of adoration, do not give up your interests, work for the sake of one specific person. If you want to be interesting – live a full life, meet with your friends who will help pass the dreary evenings, and maybe even sometimes give useful advice.

Spending time with friends, thereby you show that your life is not built around only one person. In the end, it can turn out differently, but friends will stay with you forever and will support you in any case (if these are, of course, real friends, not anyhow anyone)

How To Make Her Miss You

Reduce communication – How To Make Someone Miss You

You do not need to take it literally and drop the phone in the middle of a telephone conversation or, worse, sitting in a cafe, get up sharply from the table and leave. But if you constantly sing praises to your friend about how you miss and how cool she is, then she will quickly feel the leash in her left hand that you are on and that you can easily control.

And such a guy will be of little interest to anyone. Sometimes disappear, do business, friends, work. Of course, it is always better to be, rather than seem, but when a person receives something with difficulty, he even if unconsciously, but appreciates it much more.

Do not answer immediately

The golden mean is also important here: to completely ignore is bad, but to answer at the same second too. If you see that a message arrives to you, do not rush to answer – let him sit, bite his nails, and time will come up with a normal answer. Of course, the person who arouses your sympathy has a feature that makes you want to talk and spend all your free time with him. But if you succumb to this temptation, it may seem that you have nothing to do. Leave a place for your mystery and mystery – still socialize, you’ll see. Even maybe bored.






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