6 Things You Should Avoid During an Argument With Women

6 Things You Should Avoid During an Argument

Arguments exhausts, spoils the emotional background, and you are not cursing as skillfully as a woman – they are pretty skilled in this, you need to give them their due. But a relationship with a girl is not only sweet words, gifts and pleasant emotions.

There are also negative moments, one of which is an Argument. It can be of various kinds – it depends on your temperaments. But do not do the following things if you do not want to engage in polemics and lose your male face.

6 Things You Should Avoid During an Argument

Things You Should Avoid During an Argument With Women
Things You Should Avoid During an Argument With Women

1 Connect friends or mom

Even if she connects herself – disconnect then. Especially at the beginning of the conflict, you don’t want to get serious artillery right away. It is clear that in the conflict you being in emotions, you can do something, find some support, and this applies not only to your mother but to friends and acquaintances as a whole.

The idea, of course, is so-so, but at that moment everyone will definitely support you and will be on your side, but they are your friends, after all. However, this is your own business and your argument, which is likely to subside over time. You will calm down, forgive each other, but friends, acquaintances, and even more so someone’s mother will not leave it like that.

They will remember and accumulate all these your complaints and claims, as a result of which it will then be difficult for your girlfriend to regain her authority among them. This item, in fact,

2 Use violent methods – Things You Should Avoid During an Argument

This is the most important thing to remember during a conflict. When you are angry, you sometimes cease to control yourself, and the most terrible and disgusting thing you can do in such a situation is just to use physical force or similar actions.

This is what people do when they see that words do not produce the desired effect, and then, because of their own weakness, they are forced to go on to actions instead of finding words that would work and found a response. Even if you are very angry with each other – this is the line that can not be stopped in any case.

And not only you should not beat your woman, but you should not allow to raise a hand against you, keep this in mind. Although always look at the situation: if you cheated on her with her own sister and caught you, and she kicks you in the back, then you are unlikely to be right here, and it will be hard to find the right words.

Worst Things You Can Do During An Argument

3 Putting it all together – Things You Should Avoid During an Argument

Do not pick up dust that has already subsided. The fact that you previously had some disagreements and you decided to recall them will not help. These are not arguments for the conflict that is happening here and now.

If something does not suit you in a specific situation, then you need to say, preferably gently and reasonably immediately, and not wait until the next argument, so that it all falls out ultimately. All this will not bring you a bit closer to resolving the conflict, but on the contrary, will only aggravate it. In the end, if you have accumulated so many complaints against each other that you physically do not have time to express them on time, then maybe there is no need for such a relationship.

Things You Should Avoid During an Argument With Women
Things You Should Avoid During an Argument With Women

4 Talk about breaking up

If you really are not going to leave. It sounds like a manipulation of a person, because if he gets scared, then you will begin to take a leading position in your relationship. And over time, you will start to wipe your feet on your partner when you see how he needs you and how he is attached to you.

In the opposite case, if you are supposedly determined to end the relationship, but you cannot do this for various reasons, you begin to look like a rag that is not responsible for its words, but simply shakes the air instead of acting. If you are going to say such a thing, then be kind, make sure that you are ready to finish everything here and now, after you said it.

Parting is a serious step that should be considered and considered as much as possible. This is not a decision made in a fit of anger while you curse in the kitchen.

5 Leave after a argument – Things You Should Avoid During an Argument

It is clear that you specially fixed the door in order to slam it in the end forcefully – but in the realities of ordinary life, it is not so spectacular. Just getting away from the problem from home is not a good solution: you need to solve the problem, not run away from it, otherwise you will have others in time, and you will not be able to escape from all problems.

This is very childish behavior that does not carry any meaning. And where are you going: to a bar or discuss your problem with friends and relatives? Didn’t you read the first paragraph? It also says that it is better not to talk about your problems with third parties. It is not without reason that there is a saying that it is better not to make dirty linen in public.

6 Swearing in public

For those around, of course, it will be to your liking: an amusing sight when someone swears. But think about whether you really want in public, even with strangers, to sort things out, discuss weaknesses, and maybe even insult a person. Especially when you argument, you have viewers, and if you have viewers, it’s much harder to go global.

This applies to absolutely all types of relationships – not necessarily to love. When you start a fight in public – this means that you not only do not respect each other but also do not respect the people who are around you. As they say, brothers, do not shoot at each other, you have nothing to share in life, at the round table, forget the insults because it’s hard for everyone to bury friends.






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