6 Things Men Do That Drive Women Away

6 Things Men Do That Drive Women Away

I would not want to push women away from this article, but what is there to hide, girls often do not know what they want. As a rule, this applies to trifles: what to wear, where to have dinner, how to cut your hair. But, even if the fairer sex and have some problems with the choice of what they like, then they are absolutely sure that they do not like.

Now we are referring to the traits and manners of men that make many girls shudder, like from a metal rattle on the glass. We did not check this on our dear female colleagues and therefore decided to turn to family counselor Joe Barnett, who made a list of the most repulsive male qualities for women. Whether he drew this knowledge from his personal experience, we do not know, but in many respects agree with him.

6 Things Men Do That Drive Women Away

Things Men Do That Drive Women Away
Things Men Do That Drive Women Away

1 Bad manners at the table – Things Men Do That Drive Women Away

You opened the door to the restaurant in front of her and skipped ahead, took off her coat and pulled out a chair, but all this is reset to zero if you turn into a Neanderthal after you brought food. We are not talking about the fact that you are obliged to keep the devices as the Duchess of the Victorian era, but eating food should occur without accompanying sounds of champing and preferably with your mouth closed.

“A woman pays attention to how a man behaves at a table, as it speaks of how he will turn out in ordinary life,” says Joe Barnett. Plus, a partner is a reflection of herself. Any girl, according to the expert, thinks about how she will look next to a man in the eyes of her relatives and friends.

2 Chauvinistic comments and behavior – Things Men Do That Drive Women Away

Admittedly, chauvinistic jokes are quite funny. But, when chauvinism becomes a derogatory tool or a way to demonstrate their masculinity, a blocker immediately turns on in the girl’s mind. This is quite understandable. Jokes about borsch and “your place in the kitchen” may seem harmless as long as it’s a joke.

But if you are on a date with a girl, you should seriously discuss the evolutionary prerequisites of her ability to wash floors, how do you risk facing her aggression. And if you don’t even offend the girl, then you’ll rather show her a limited prisoner of outdated stereotypes.

3 Common jokes – Things Men Do That Drive Women Away

Some guys take vulgarity as the shortest way to convey their sympathy to a girl. Vulgarity as a compliment is a sluggish attempt, but it can only work if you master this technique with the virtuosity of a sapper – you slightly go too far and end.

Excessive vulgarity looks vulgar and stupid, and this is at least. In some cases, she may seem like harassment to a girl.

4 Selfishness and disinterest – Things Men Do That Drive Women Away

If you think that ignoring a girl, you look more attractive, then no. In the beginning, your mystery may seem interesting to her. But if a guy sits on a date for 30 minutes with such a face as if he is cosplaying a bulldog, then she will not like it. However, the opposite activity for her does not look better.

This means that talking a lot and only about yourself is the way to nowhere. More precisely, this is the way to exit the institution where you are sitting, since listening to the monologue was not included in the program of this evening. The reason for this is obvious: the girl wants to see that you are more interested in her than in your reflection in the glass.

5 Confidence brought to narcissism

We have repeatedly written about the benefits of self-confidence. In the case of girls, it is this masculine quality that can become decisive for her choice. But do not confuse confidence with narcissism. If you don’t know where that line between them goes, then for a start it’s worth understanding that confidence loves silence. Whereas narcissism is a flashy quality. Daffodils love to talk about their confidence, thereby confirming its absence. It is ugly in value, but even worse – in appearance.

6 Social exclusion

But with his modesty, one does not have to go too far. This involuntarily imposes a pitiful image on the guy. For many girls, the shy guy looks extremely mysterious and attractive, but this does not apply to those who speak with them in a trembling voice and with lowered eyes. According to Joe Barnett: “If a man looks and feels socially excluded, it causes a woman a certain awkwardness.” In this case, it will be difficult for her to feel relaxed and remain herself. “Things like eye contact and body language are very important in creating a positive experience. Remember that mistakes made on the first date are not forgiven! ” – sums up Joe Barnett.






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