6 Signs Of Low Self-Esteem In A Person’s Speech Style

6 Signs Of Low Self-Esteem In A Person’s Speech Style

If you suffer from self-doubt, sooner or later it will become noticeable, even if you carefully hides this fact.

It is easiest to recognize a person with low self-esteem with the help of speech – more precisely, a few characteristic speech features. Here are a few linguistic markers that can betray you in conversation.

Signs Of Low Self-Esteem In A Person’s Speech Style

Signs Of Low Self-Esteem In A Person’s Speech Style
Signs Of Low Self-Esteem In A Person’s Speech Style

1 Poking fun at yourself

The most striking signal that a person with low self-esteem is in front of you is his use of derogatory vocabulary addressed to him. Simply put, this is when your interlocutor purposefully begins to play a trick on himself, uses unflattering remarks addressed to him and in every way understates his dignity. This is done, of course, so that the people around him cannot get ahead of him. It is much easier for a person with low self-esteem to make fun of himself and his shortcomings himself, if only to deprive other people of this opportunity. Try to rid your speech of expressions that do not represent you in the best light, if only because your shortcomings, on which you are fixated, may be invisible to others. So why pay attention to them? Treat yourself with respect.

2 Attempts to relieve responsibility in advance

A person with low self-esteem will often use phrases such as “maybe,” “it seems,” “if I’m not mistaken.” This method allows in an uncomfortable situation to refer to the fact that you did not give an exact answer. The phrase “if I’m not mistaken” generally relieves a person of responsibility for what was said: you give information, but as if indicate that it may be unreliable. Believe it or not – this is the choice of your interlocutor, which has nothing to do with you. Phrases that add to the dialogue of uncertainty, give out primarily self-doubt and the desire to “play it safe”.

3 Reliance on the majority – Signs Of Low Self-Esteem

The essence is extremely simple: a person, due to insecurity in his own significance and significance of his opinion or to avoid possible conflicts, ascribes his thoughts to the majority. Most often, it can be calculated using the phrases “the majority thinks so,” “many people think that,” etc. First of all, such a person determines his attitude to himself: if he is ready to listen to his words, he may not use the above expressions, but if he sees that he needs “reinforcement,” he begins to project.

4 Excuses – Signs Of Low Self-Esteem

The most common psychological technique that is easiest to recognize. Each of us at least once in a life met a person who justified himself with or without. Such people can interpret any, even the most harmless, phrase as criticism or a claim against them. Therefore, during a conversation, they are often forced to defend themselves, experiencing insecurity. Subconsciously, they understand that they will not be able to resolve the conflict, and therefore choose the tactics of excuses.

5 Depreciation of own efforts – Signs Of Low Self-Esteem

There is a type of people who simply cannot adequately accept praise. They condescendingly respond to any congratulations: “I was just lucky” or “It happened”. They present themselves as random lucky ones, as if they did not plow 24/7 in attempts to achieve the desired result. Such a depreciation of your own efforts immediately reveals your inner fears and doubts about your own significance. Wean yourself from this bad habit and instead of picking off compliments, start saying “thank you”.

6 Challenges to making simple decisions – Signs Of Low Self-Esteem

A person with low self-esteem often cannot quickly make the simplest decisions and constantly changes his mind. Yes, that’s a fact. So if most of the time you are in a state of uncertainty and tend to rush from one option to another, even if the result does not greatly affect (or does not affect at all) the quality of your life, you need to pump confidence in yourself. In addition, getting rid of problems with making short-term decisions, you will save your nerves.

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