6 Secrets Of Success By Lee Lacocca The Car Guru

6 Secrets Of Success By Lee Lacocca The Car Guru

The secrets of success of the brilliant manager of the American auto industry – Lee Iacocca, who 32 years went from a regular engineer to the director of the Ford company, and after dismissal saved the Chrysler Corporation from bankruptcy

6 Secrets Of Success By Lee Lacocca The Car Guru

6 Secrets Of Success By Lee Lacocca
6 Secrets Of Success By Lee Lacocca

1. Learn to adapt to people’s needs

Lee Iacocchi’s father always hammered two rules into his head: First, never take up a capital-intensive business, as it will end up in the hands of bankers. Secondly, when difficult times come, do the restaurant business, because no matter how bad things go, people should and will eat.

2. Learn from crisis times – Secrets Of Success By Lee Lacocca

Regardless of the financial situation, thoughts of a possible crisis should never leave. Hatred for wastefulness should be shown. When wide ties instead of narrow ones came into fashion, Lee Iacocchi kept all his old ties until the fashion for them came back again.

3. Find time to have fun and enjoy life.

Lee Yacocca’s father always reminded him that life should be enjoyed. Therefore, no matter how much you have to work, always set aside time for entertainment.

4. Show discipline and perseverance – Secrets Of Success By Lee Lacocca

When Lee Iacocca went to university, he already knew how to concentrate and work hard on literature, turning off the radio and not letting himself be distracted by anything else.

Lee Iacocca told himself: “Over the next three hours, I will work hard. And only after three hours, I will leave this case and go to the cinema.” To succeed in business, as well as in almost everything else, the most important thing is to be able to concentrate and rationally use your time.

5. Plan your day

It is always amazing how many people are not able to strictly monitor their own daily routine. Often, managers, turning to Lee Iacocca, proudly reported: “Look, I worked so hard last year that I didn’t even take leave.” There is nothing to be proud of here.

He always wanted to answer: “Well, you are a fool! “Do you want to convince me that you are able to bear responsibility for an object worth $ 80 million, while you can’t spend two weeks within a year and go somewhere with your family and have some fun?”

6 Secrets Of Success By Lee Lacocca
6 Secrets Of Success By Lee Lacocca

6. Know how to prioritize – Secrets Of Success By Lee Lacocca

Lee Iacocca mastered the ability to prioritize in college, which, in his opinion, was one of the main reasons for his success. Those who want a specialist in the field of solving any problems in business should first of all learn how to set priorities.

At college, Lee Iacocchi had to figure out what he could do in one evening. In business, this scale can range from three months to three years.

Experience shows that if one does not master such rational thinking quite early in life, then subsequently, it is practically impracticable. 

The ability to identify priority cases and the ability to allocate your time properly are not qualities that can be acquired in passing at Harvard Business School.

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