6 Reasons Why Willpower Is Not Enough

6 reasons why willpower is not enough for personal growth

In all likelihood, you have heard many times that everything can be achieved with the help of willpower alone.

And if you do not have willpower, then no resources will help to achieve your goals. Some people really think that willpower is almost the only prerequisite for getting the opportunity to improve the quality of their life and solve pressing problems. And they are wrong. More precisely, for short-term goals, willpower will come in handy, but for personal growth and development, it is ineffective. We understand why.

6 Reasons Why Willpower Is Not Enough For Personal Growth

Reasons Why Willpower Is Not Enough
Reasons Why Willpower Is Not Enough

1 The action, driven by willpower, is aimed at suppressing

Simply put, this is violence against oneself and one’s body. You may have noticed that every time you try to force yourself to do something that you really don’t want, it invariably leads to unpleasant consequences. As a result, your internal disagreement develops into a riot. Everything seems to be logical: your attempts to put pressure on yourself lead to resistance, and then your desires and goals set begin to conflict with each other. This illustrates a simple truth: you cannot just order yourself to change something. In order to change, you must first deal with the root of the problems.

2 You force yourself to be who you really are notReasons Why Willpower Is Not Enough

It is not enough just to take and copy the daily routine of any billionaire or time management specialist. You can try, but most likely, your attempts will result in failure. You will quickly be exhausted and abandon this disastrous business. And all because in your pursuit of wealth, fame and recognition, you are guided only by the hypothetical image of a successful person. With the help of willpower, you can “pull up” certain areas of your life to the level at which they are pumped from your “idol”, but this will not bring the desired results. Instead of engaging in self-development, you direct your resources to copying someone else’s image, trying to become what you cannot be (and should not). No willpower can help you become as successful a person as people on the Forbes list.

3 Willpower makes you want more Reasons Why Willpower Is Not Enough

For a huge number of people, success is perceived as a recognition of their own value. In order not to be mediocre in the eyes of others, they strive to do anything in an attempt to improve their status. In fact, a person who sincerely believes that willpower is the key to solving all life problems can only sympathize. After all, all his efforts are reduced to waiting for a future award, which threatens him with emotional instability.

Reasons Why Willpower Is Not Enough
Reasons Why Willpower Is Not Enough

4 Do you think that, having gone through difficulties, you will gain the right to success

How often do you hear that only willpower can guarantee overwhelming success? These statements are supported by lectures on the benefits of workaholism and the struggle against difficulties. Only one thing is not clear: why are so many hardworking and disciplined people still not able to achieve the same success that others have? It turns out that guaranteed success after suffering and suffering is another tale, and in order to achieve success, one willpower is not enough. Life will not be condescending to you just because you have gone through numerous trials.

5 Willpower makes you want to complainReasons Why Willpower Is Not Enough

People who are confident in the all-encompassing power of “willpower” (sorry for the tautology) often do not notice how much they complain about life and universal injustice. It would seem that they work a lot, and it would be logical to expect great results, but this is not always the case. And forces and time are wasted, and a person becomes insulted. This is where pessimistic individuals with victim syndrome come from that poison life both for themselves and everyone else.

6 You miss the opportunity to learn, change and grow

By focusing on the ultimate goal, including the “willpower” mode, you ignore the many useful things you could learn during the journey. In order to extract the maximum experience, you must analyze your failures, study similar disciplines, and communicate with professionals in the field of interest to you. Willpower does not provide answers to all questions and certainly is not a shortcut to the desired.






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