6 Reasons Not To Stop Learning Until Death

6 Reasons Not To Stop Learning Until Death

The classical education system for our country consists of graduating from school and university.

After that, young specialists try to find a job as soon as possible in order to start accumulating experience and earning a living. Almost always, this ends the training. People simply work within the framework of one specialty, practically without developing either in the intellectual or in the professional direction. Yes, they read books and occasionally attend seminars, but in a global sense, nothing is changing.

Reasons Not To Stop Learning Until Death

Over time, work begins to push even harder, and I don’t feel like doing self-education at all. We will name six reasons not to follow this scenario and continue to study until death.

1 You will keep a sound mind

Old age is attributed to many unpleasant ailments: dementia, sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, insanity. For natural reasons, the brain wears out and can no longer perform all the functions as before. Rare long-livers are lucky to avoid serious manifestations. However, there is an effective way to reduce risks and delay the onset of dementia. You just need to continue to strain your brain. This works the same way as with muscles: the longer you train them, the longer they will remain in a normal state. Mental stress allows you to keep your brain in good shape and will not allow you to turn into a walking vegetable by the age of 70.

2 You can find a good job at any age – Reasons Not To Stop Learning Until Death

Even a long work experience is not enough to maintain a good job. Especially now, when every day in various industries there are innovations that completely change the principles of work. Who does not have time to adapt and follow professional trends is no longer a competent specialist. With age, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to keep track of the rules of the big game, and they can not stand the competition with young cadres. But such a sad prospect can be avoided if you do not rely on existing knowledge, but obtain new, more relevant ones. For this, it is necessary to regularly study the field of their specialization and related areas in order to not only fulfill their responsibilities in a high-quality manner, but also to make forecasts for the future.

3 You will be an authority for family and friends

If you continue to learn, even without significant reasons, you will begin to rise above your surroundings. This is because you will know the answers to many of the questions they ask. Your erudition and exhaustive knowledge will become a criterion in any dispute or question. Your opinion will not be able to give up. Quite the contrary: when the search for truth will lead people to a standstill, your authoritative opinion will be decisive.

4 You will not feel intellectual stagnation – Reasons Not To Stop Learning Until Death

From the psychological side, intellectual stagnation is like stopping physical exercise. You feel like you are blown away day after day, losing shape, strength and skills. This feeling depresses you and even affects self-esteem, provoking other problems, such as depression. Despite this nasty feeling, restoring a habit is very difficult, especially if the tightening of the work schedule served as the reason.

It also happens with a lack of mental stress. A person feels that he has stopped in the development and cannot even maintain an interesting conversation. It seems that too much has already been lost, and the person does not even know where to start. The solution is simpler than it seems at first glance: you need to review the daily regimen and set aside at least an hour a day for reading. Even such a small action will entail a chain reaction that will show that enlightenment is better than procrastination and mental self-flagellation.

5 You will be able to know and be able to more peers

While they watch streams of the game, reviews of all nonsense and endlessly scroll the tape, you will develop. Read books, listen to useful podcasts, watch documentaries, attend workshops, lectures, and seminars, take advanced training courses – and at one moment you will feel a huge intellectual gap between yourself and your peers. Yes, this can complicate communication with them a little, as the points of contact are crushed, but otherwise, you will stand out from their background.

6 You will become a true example for others – Reasons Not To Stop Learning Until Death

A person paying attention to self-development, in a good way, differs from others – relatives, friends, and colleagues. His knowledge, skills, and erudition cannot be ignored, and he will always be set as an example. Many would not want to become an object of increased attention, but such an example can really inspire and motivate. After all, this is not some kind of distant Nick Vuychich, but a person who lives with you in the same house works in the next office or comes to watch a football match.






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