5 Things You Need To Know For Good Sex

5 Things You Need To Know For Good Sex

Of course, it is difficult to clearly define what makes a particular person pro in bed. The pleasure options will vary from partner to partner. But there are a number of things that you need to know in order for both you and your girlfriend to get the most out of the night spent together.

Yes, and you yourself perfectly understand that good sex can be the key to strong and productive relationships – this is an integral part of them. There are also external parameters that are not directly related to sexual life but also strongly affect it. This is a high salary, good physical health, the absence of mental disorders and deviations. If you are fine with these points, keep reading about other important things that will help you make your sex even better.

5 Things You Need To Know For Good Sex

Things You Need To Know For Good Sex
Things You Need To Know For Good Sex

1 Give a girl sexuality

A study conducted in 2010 examined the sexual satisfaction of women on various grounds and criteria. It showed that sexual satisfaction directly depends on the high assessment of her body by the partner, as well as the absence of distracting thoughts that the girl is doing something wrong. Therefore, do not be stingy with compliments, either before or during sex, or after it. Believe me, just words, but said sincerely, will improve the situation.

2 Know the terminology – Know For Good Sex

Another study, but already in 2017 showed amazing results. It turns out that a very large number of men are poorly versed in the anatomy of the female body. Of course, it is not necessary to know her thoroughly, but something is better to learn.

Also, men tend to confuse terms such as “vulva” and “vagina”. If suddenly you, too, are still confused in terminology, let’s tell you: the vagina is the internal genital organs of your girlfriend. And the vulva is external, including the labia and clitoris.

Tips for the Best Sex Ever

Things You Need To Know For Good Sex
Things You Need To Know For Good Sex

3 Find out about her preferences

Knowing how and what is best to stimulate your girlfriend is good, but not enough. It is also necessary to find out if she needs it at all, and if so, how best to do it since there are no universal methods here, everything is individual. During numerous studies, almost three-quarters of the women surveyed said that clitoral stimulation is very important or simply improves it to achieve orgasm.

But after watching the training video tutorials or other manuals, it is better to discuss this point before or during sex. Find out how she likes best, let her guide you in the right direction. Relying only on your independence, you can not only not bring her to orgasm, but even discourage her from any desire to continue to have sex with you.

4 Variety of Sexual Scenarios

Another important point of your program is the process itself. And if you and your girlfriend already have a certain scenario, according to which your solitude passes, then it is worth moving away from it. Believe me, everyone will benefit from this. After all, if you have sex in the same position for six months (well, in two different ones), you will quickly get bored.

Therefore, you need to constantly make a difference. Change your poses, surfaces for having sex, types of sex. This is confirmed by a study by the Kinsey Institute, which states that the combination of oral and vaginal sex makes it more likely not only to get an orgasm but also to strengthen it. Therefore, experiment, but know the limits. Going too far is not worth it – at least not talking to a friend.

5 Do not neglect the prelude

We understand that during sexual intimacy, in its first moments, you think, as if to quickly tear off all your clothes from yourself and your partner and indulge in a violent passion. But do not rush into this matter, since the prelude in sex is undoubtedly important. For example, kisses are important, from which many for some reason deny themselves.

But a study from the University of Albany says that this can be a major part of good foreplay and subsequent sex, as it plays an even greater role in choosing a partner. And the point is not that someone expertly kisses but in the chemical elements released during this process.

Things we all need to know about sex

The second conclusion, which strongly recommends kissing more often, is that during a kiss, the level of oxytocin, a hormone that reduces the effect of cortisol in the body, rises.

And the third reason: kisses increase the level of arousal, which, of course, during sex is very important. But during the survey, researchers learned that more than half of the men would be happy to do without it, as well as 15% of the women surveyed.

As you can see, for the majority of the female sex, the theme of foreplay is very relevant, so you should not neglect it. By the way, the quality of the orgasm that a woman receives will also depend on her. If during the prelude to act competently, it can become not only brighter and stronger but also be repeated more than once.






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