5 Steps To Prioritize Your Life Correctly

5 Steps To Prioritize Your Life Correctly

Have you ever wondered why some people, despite all the circumstances and experienced failures, still achieve their goal, while others, having every chance of becoming successful in any business, do not use their opportunities?

It’s all about prioritizing. Those who placed them correctly, contrary to the convictions of others, know that any, even miserable, chance to change your life is worth it to take advantage of. If you don’t know what exactly to spend your time and energy on, try first to think carefully about a few things that will help you find answers to the main questions.

5 Steps To Prioritize Your Life Correctly

Steps To Prioritize Your Life Correctly
Steps To Prioritize Your Life Correctly

1 Understand that a priority list cannot be dimensionless

You can’t waste yourself on everything that comes to your mind. In other words, your list of priorities will not be able to accommodate an unlimited number of positions. And you just have to come to terms with this.

Let’s try to give an example. Imagine that your priority list consists of five items. If you have already filled them out, then it will be impossible to introduce a new paragraph. The only thing you can do is cross out one of the prescribed priorities and put a new one in its place. We summarize: in order to add a new life priority, one often has to give up some old one. It is impossible to combine at the same time such things as health and smoking, comfort and a career, high earnings and timeless entertainment somewhere on the Cote d’Azur.

To give up something like this will help, first of all, a correctly set goal. But in order to correctly formulate it, think about this: how do you want to feel? Perhaps you are not ready to spend most of your life in the race for success, but want a calm and measured life? Or, conversely, being in harmony quickly bothers you? The main thing is to answer these questions as honestly as possible, because how much you will be satisfied with the quality of your life depends on them. Set goals that will allow you to find your desired state.

2 Realize how your priorities are set today – Steps To Prioritize Your Life Correctly

Even if you have never thought about how to prioritize, you still have them. All that you have now is their result of their arrangement. And it doesn’t matter if you consciously did it or not.

Unconsciously, you often set priorities based not on what is needed and useful, but on what is important to you at the moment. When you lie aimlessly on the couch, it’s important for you to lie. When you get up early in order to make a morning run, it is important for you to run in the mornings. In the same case, when you lie on the couch and think about how good it is to go for a run, it is important for you to lie on the couch, depicting a deep concern about the state of your health.

Learning to recognize the priorities set by you is one of the most important steps in order to build an honest dialogue with yourself. Honestly describe everything you own now: family, friends, work, earnings, health, bad and healthy habits. Let this be your starting point.

3 Check how your priorities match your inner values.

Values ​​are our desires that come from within. Priorities are often imposed only outside. And this is a really important issue. When your values ​​run counter to priorities – what do you think happens? Right, nothing good. You are simply torn between the concepts of “this is important to me” and “this should be important to me.” As a result – a bad mood, increased anxiety, and in some cases even depression.

If you want to know your true values ​​- look at what you spend your free time on. If you publicly talk about how important it is to read, encourage your acquaintances and friends to play sports, do numerous reposts of master classes on social networks, but you yourself prefer to spend your time on classes that do not bear any benefit, the conclusion is obvious.

The second option for checking values ​​is your energy. When your priorities go side by side with your values, what many call the white stripe in a person’s life happens. You are moving in the right direction, so it’s easy for you to achieve your goals. If you have to boost your energy in various ways, for example with the help of caffeine or the promise of entertainment, then it is worth analyzing, do you really do what you want, or you got down to business just because you had to want it.

Steps To Prioritize Your Life Correctly
Steps To Prioritize Your Life Correctly

4 Live not for characteristics or resumes – Steps To Prioritize Your Life Correctly

We often talk about life as if we were at an interview, and a strict personnel officer is sitting opposite us. We are unaccustomed to speak in simple words, do simple things, help others around us. Our focus is on achieving qualities that can be written on a resume. Yes, they help us to gain a good reputation, get a dream job and stand out among hundreds of thousands of specialists like us, but they just don’t make us people. But it’s exactly how you build a family, maintain relationships with friends and, in general, live outside the workspace, which is much more important.

Happiness is not always a career achievement. Sometimes this is an ordinary life with the possibility of inclusion in it of the closest people and maintaining the wealth necessary for our comfort. Of course, this scenario of life is not suitable for everyone, but it lands on us so that we can once again evaluate our priorities.

5 Include leisure and hobbies on your priority list.

Usually, we put hobbies on the last line in our list of priorities. But it is precisely a hobby that allows us to feel happy. If you want to enjoy life – leave a little time in order to be able to do what you love every day.

Do not treat a hobby as an occupation that you must choose once and for a lifetime. Yes, it happens, but in most cases, over time, our hobbies undergo changes. Also, do not set yourself up for the fact that you need to earn money on a hobby. If you sing well, play a musical instrument or even can combine these two things together, sometimes it’s better to do it just for your pleasure.






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