5 Signs Of A Cunning Person

5 Signs Of A Cunning Person

Hypocrites are not so easy to calculate immediately. And for the mistakes, we pay very dearly – broken hearts.

How many times in your life have you lamented: “After all, this person was so sweet; how could he do this to me? ” or “What is wrong with him? How could such a good person act so meanly? ”

In fact, no matter how hard it is for us to admit and accept the harsh truth of life, the person whom we considered “good” was not really like that at all. Most likely, he simply pretended to be “white and fluffy”, and we either did not notice the disturbing signs indicating this, or ignored for the sake of our own calm.

5 Signs Of A Cunning Person
5 Signs Of A Cunning Person

Signs Of A Cunning Person

Yes, this is how our world works. Many really good and decent people live in it, but also a lot of hypocrites. The latter are more dangerous than all. The fact is that they are not so easy to immediately calculate. And for the mistakes we pay very dearly: broken hearts and disappointments.

Such people have excelled so much in the “science of pretense” that at first glance they seem the cutest of all you’ve ever met in your life. And only with the passage of time they reveal their true face, and we see the exact opposite image – treacherous, envious and vile people.

All this happens as follows. First, we notice some changes in human behavior. But we are so fascinated that we do not immediately get to the bottom of the truth. As a rule, we begin to wonder what caused the changes. “Why did such a nice person suddenly turn into a completely different one?” – we ask ourselves and do not find an answer.

And all because there was simply no reason for this: these people were always the same. Their essence has not changed a gram. Their task was to fulfill their cunning plan, pretending to be kind and sweet. That is – deceiving us. And for this, they worked hard to first gain our trust and love. Otherwise, we would have immediately caught them in a lie and revealed. Therefore, they are revealed in all their glory only after they strike us and do harm.

They are just such – hypocrites. And, unfortunately, one does not have to go far for examples: such people are found literally at every step. But this does not mean that we should not trust anyone in the world, suspecting everyone of pretense and evil intentions. Indeed, in this way we run the risk of being completely alone.

To begin with, there are still many more good people. And not all good people have bad intentions. The only question is how to find out if a good or bad person is in front of you. Is he open and sincere, or is he wearing a stone after his soul and ready to deliver a crushing blow at any moment? The answer is simple: you need to be careful and pay attention to certain things, which are warning “red flags”.

So, if you notice these 5 signs in people, then be on the alert: they can bear insidious plans!

We study, remember, draw the appropriate conclusions:

1. They constantly talk only about themselves. – Signs Of A Cunning Person

This behavior indicates that you are an exclusively selfish person who is interested in only one topic in this world – his own needs and interests. You certainly do not enter their plans. However, like everyone else.

Such people smile sweetly, never say unpleasant or awkward things in the face, but the fact that they are not interested in listening to what others say indicates that they are very narcissistic and fixated on their own person.

Since they cannot talk about anything and about anyone, except themselves or things concerning their person, they are not capable of bright and kind thoughts and deeds. That is, in principle, they cannot be good, no matter how diligently they smile or pretend.

2. They are trying too hard to win your sympathy.

This symptom is very dangerous and should immediately alert. Most hypocrites try to use empathy as a tool for manipulating people. After all, have you met people who endlessly talk about their problems and whisk away a mean tear? They know how to make an elephant out of a fly and pose as a victim, like no other.

And they do so for a reason. Thus, they have to themselves. We are captivated by their openness. And now we not only sympathize with them, but already trust and love. Therefore, even if they do something bad, it’s hard for us to believe that it is intentional. We come up with excuses for them, look for a reason in ourselves and so on. While these people simply play with our senses in order to achieve their vile goals.

3. They skillfully and often flatter – Signs Of A Cunning Person

Who doesn’t like to hear good words about themselves? Often there is nothing wrong with this, and this is absolutely normal. But if you are constantly flattered and never criticized – this is already abnormal. No one is perfect in this world, and no one is without flaws. So, if someone praises you all the time, be careful – this is a fraud.

People who harbor insidious plans use flattery to earn trust. So you relax and forget about the threats. And then you can strike a decisive blow.

And even after they stab in the back, you will be surprised: “This person loves me so much, always says only the good. How could he do that? It’s impossible!” It is even possible: he simply prepared well and took advantage of your vulnerability.

4. They always dominate

Really good people are always happy to help you with advice or suggestions. But they will never impose their opinions on you, because “they know better.”

But bad people will comment and bombard you with “advice-orders” until you give up and do as they intended. At the same time, they will still be offended by you if you stubbornly, look through the eyes of an angel and smile sweetly: “After all, I try for you!”

Yes, there are cases when good people have good reasons for such behavior, but, as a rule, such assertiveness is a sign of deceit and malicious intent.

Such people literally force us to do what they want. As soon as we allow them this once, it will always be so. They will dominate us, and we will assume that everything is as it should be. Thus, these people will receive unlimited opportunities in order to harm us, hiding behind good intentions.

5. They try to establish eye contact at all costs – Signs Of A Cunning Person

People with bad intentions do not look at us like others do. Literally “look into the eyes.” So they are trying to disguise their true motives and appear before us “cute sheep.” Therefore, trust your intuition: if something is alarming in a person, although you cannot explain it, run.

All we need to do is be careful and attentive so that we are not deceived and harmed. And the good news is that there are a lot more really good people. Surround yourself with them and strive always to do good. So we will make our world a little better!

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