5 Sex Mistakes Women Make

5 Sex Mistakes Women Make

Women often make a number of serious mistakes that spoil sexual pleasure, and sometimes destroy relationships. These errors must be eliminated in order to achieve mutual satisfaction with sexual life.

1. Oh you, my …

When a man and a woman get closer, when their romantic relationship turns into a sexual one, the partners run the risk of falling into a rut of insults and accusations, becoming a habit of blaming each other for something.

Women usually start first. Such behavior certainly destroys the harmony of sexual relations.

3. You are the first ... - Sex Mistakes Women Make
3. You are the first … – Sex Mistakes Women Make

2. How do I look? – Sex Mistakes Women Make

There are cases when women paint nails, eyes or lips while driving their cars. They tend to worry about how they look, including in bed …

A woman is more likely to give pleasure to herself and her partner if she does not worry about her hair and makeup, or, for example, about how she looks in one or a different pose.

3. You are the first … – Sex Mistakes Women Make

Decades after the sexual revolution, some women still do not consider it a great need to take the first step and take initiative in a sexual game, and assertiveness and aggressiveness in the bedroom are considered indecent and unworthy.

However, men also love to be lusty for their partners, it excites them and makes sex more fun.

4. Don’t you want me anymore? – Sex Mistakes Women Make

4. Don't you want me anymore? - Sex Mistakes Women Make
4. Don’t you want me anymore? – Sex Mistakes Women Make

If a woman believes that a man is always ready for sex, then this may be true for adolescents and very young men, but, of course, not for men over 25 years old.

Everyday life takes its toll … Problems at work, unpaid bills, pain, fatigue and stress reduce male libido, so you should not be surprised at the partner’s lack of sexual desire. Often, a decrease in libido is perceived as a personal insult and a hint that the woman is no longer attractive to her partner.

Misunderstanding of such aspects of “sexual being” will not allow to survive all the ups and downs in intimate life, which are so natural.

5. Fi !!!

Not all women show a desire to experiment in bed. That headache interferes, then household chores, then moral issues. But, as you know, these are still liars … Perhaps this attitude is the result of boredom, and sometimes laziness.

As a result, a man loses interest in sex or he has a feeling of automatism and routine, akin to brushing his teeth in the morning. Sexual life needs to be enriched in every possible way.

Dear girls, be yourself in bed – this is the key to success in everything!

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