5 Rules For Making Right Decisions Quickly

5 Rules For Making Right Decisions Quickly

We often do not have enough time to think. And it’s not that we are unproductive.

More precisely, it is precisely in our desire to be productive that the problem most often lies. A modern person is under constant stress due to outstanding tasks, burning deadlines and the fear of forgetting something important.

We often say that additional hours in a day would save us, but in fact, the opportunity to spend more time on work will not change our life. Our main task is to reduce stress and workload, as well as reduce the resources that we spend on decision-making.

Rules For Making Right Decisions Quickly
Rules For Making Right Decisions Quickly

5 Rules For Making Right Decisions Quickly

1 Do not plan, but do – Rules For Making Right Decisions

In fact, it takes a few seconds to think about a solution. All the rest of your time is planning. But the trick is that, spending only a few seconds to find a solution, you redirect all your strength to the activity itself, and not to the endless development of an “ideal” plan (which, by the way, does not exist). Many people are faced with the problem of time management – they cannot correctly distribute their time, which ultimately leads to burning deadlines. So, in order not to make the same mistake, just wean yourself from excessive planning.

2 Don’t blame others – Rules For Making Right Decisions

If something goes wrong as you planned, you have a conflict in the workplace or you do not have time to finish what you started, the first thing you should do is take responsibility. When you transfer the blame on others, you subconsciously expect that they themselves will take on the correction of the situation. Moreover, your self-esteem does not suffer if someone else is to blame. It becomes easier for us, but problems arise with decision making. Once you understand that only you are behind your punctures, and your colleagues are not to blame for anything, you begin to move in the right direction. You must realize that other people are unlikely to take on the corrections of your jambs, and it is in your interests to resolve the situation yourself.

3 Do not question your decision

You are familiar with this situation: you seem to have already decided everything, but you begin to be overcome with doubts about the correctness of the decision? You re-analyze the situation, try to take into account all the details, think over what you could do wrong. This takes you a lot of time and effort, and besides, due to such cross-checks, you start working with a great delay. The secret to making quick decisions is simple: stop thinking. That is, stop thinking after you have already made a decision. You must stop the internal dialogue in order to finally get down to work with a calm soul. You can never be 100% sure that your decision will turn out to be good luck for you, and if there are no guarantees, then what are the extra worries?

Rules For Making Right Decisions Quickly
Rules For Making Right Decisions Quickly

4 Learn to give yourself a break – Rules For Making Right Decisions

Remember: he who cannot give himself time to rest cannot work well. When you are overloaded with chores, you don’t have time to analyze the experience gained. Time for a break is necessary to begin to listen to constructive criticism of others, to evaluate your professional behavior, to remember the possible risks and unpleasant consequences of decisions. In addition, a quick look is needed to make quick decisions. When you focus on solving one problem, the eye becomes blurred, and you begin to lose sight of important little things or any obvious things that can help you deal with this situation.

5 Maintain a positive attitude – Rules For Making Right Decisions

This is not “another useless advice from the Internet.” Our brain is structured in such a way that with a positive attitude, our productivity will increase significantly. Therefore, when you are in high spirits, most likely, it will be much easier for you to make important decisions. Therefore, try to acquire a good habit every day to please yourself. Let it be a delicious breakfast or a favorite bun after work, or maybe an evening walk with headphones in the park. The main thing is to recharge with positive emotions, which you can subsequently direct into the mainstream.

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