5 Reasons Why Being Realistic Is not always good

5 reasons why being realistic is not always good

A realist is a person who perceives the world around him more objectively than an optimist or pessimist, which helps him more accurately predict the development of events and the outcome of problem situations.

He understands what his actions can lead to, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. The realist in his judgments does not rely on emotions but on sober calculation and logic. It would seem that a realist is the most optimal type of personality, and is the most reliable is the most realistic. But this is only at first glance.

In fact, there are several good reasons to reconsider your view of realism and realists.

5 Reasons Why Being Realistic Is not always good

Reasons Why Being Realistic Is not always good
Reasons Why Being Realistic Is not always good

1 Do you think that you cannot change anything

If an optimist sees the world around him in pink glasses, and a pessimist – rather in black glasses, then an objective vision of reality is inherent in a realist. And as you know, it is not very different from the pessimistic. Therefore, it is fair to say that realists in their perception of reality are close to pessimists.

When a realist sees any events that are regarded as unjust or inhuman, he takes them for granted. He simply resigns himself to such things, being sure that too much bad is happening in the world and he cannot change anything. He will not “begin to change the world with himself” or convince someone that he is doing wrong. No, this type of personality is far from similar actions.

2 You do not know how and do not want to learn to fantasize

The inability to fantasize can pretty much spoil the life of any person, especially if his work is at least somehow connected with creativity. Yes, being a pragmatist is effective, but not in those cases when you just need to be resourceful and creative. Judge for yourself: a person who cannot think outside the box, is unlikely to be able to create memorable advertisements for his products or services or write a really interesting text.

Reasons Why Being Realistic Is not always good
Reasons Why Being Realistic Is not always good

3 You cannot take risks and hope for luck – Reasons Why Being Realistic Is not always good

In fact, the inability to take risks is a real danger to any realist. Imagine a situation in which your actions can turn out to be successful with a probability of 50/50. An optimist, without hesitation, would take a chance, despite the lack of guarantees, simply because he believes in himself and the success that accompanies him. A realist could not get rid of the idea that his chances are too small. It is unlikely that a realist would prefer to act to the end if he were not sure of his victory. No realist will abandon his habitable place in his city for the sake of a new highly paid job, which he can not cope with. No realist will do what he really likes if this profession is not in demand and profitable in the labor market. All the fears that realists have, they should think about the slightest risk, they literally bind their hands.

4 You or your interlocutors have difficulty communicating – Reasons Why Being Realistic Is not always good

That’s because the type of communication of realists is too dry and concise. Naturally, not all people like this, especially since someone might think that a person is simply not eager to continue the conversation. It is practically impossible to have a conversation with a realist in which there will be a philosophy and speculative conclusions, because for him in the first place there is always reliance on facts, clear arguments and precise formulations. It is best if during the conversation a person reinforces his words with concrete examples from life or history. It is especially difficult to build communication with a realist in a work environment. For example, in order to convince the realist boss of the effectiveness of the new advertising campaign, you need to try to focus his attention on the fact that the proposed measures have already brought someone profit. Even better, if a person provides specific numbers and talks about the results of this business decision. And only if the strategy has already turned out to be a success for someone, can a realist think about the possibility of its application.

5 It’s hard for you to build relationships – Reasons Why Being Realistic Is not always good

Many girls are known to love romance, which realists, unfortunately, cannot provide. Dialogues with a realist’s partner are based on trust, mutual understanding and comfort. Realists are deprived of the desire to commit rash acts that are accompanied by a sudden surge of feelings. They always and in everything should be simple and logical. So, one should not expect “heroic” actions and other pleasant surprises from them.

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