5 Birth Control Methods That Do Not Work

5 Birth Control Methods That Do Not Work

Mankind invented contraception, which, in general, is unnatural from the point of view of nature. But what can’t you do to enjoy without consequences? Therefore, the methods are constantly improving, new ones appear, but many of them have an indirect relation to protection against unwanted pregnancy. Or do not have at all.

5 Birth Control Methods That Do Not Work

1 Method from the Land of the Rising Sun – Birth Control Methods That Do Not Work

There is a contraceptive method known as the samurai egg. The bottom line is that Japanese noblemen, not wanting to produce even more heirs, sat in a basin with hot water, almost boiling water. And this had to be done every day for 30 minutes or something like that (the details were lost in time, as the trainees themselves). The method is based on the denaturation of the protein of which the ejaculate consists, at a temperature above 55 degrees Celsius.

But sperm are tenacious creatures, and some of them can persist even at high temperatures. And since the normal male reproductive system produces about 50 thousand sperm per minute, the effectiveness of this method is close to zero. In addition, by heating eggs above 40 degrees, you can get many health problems – from a general deterioration in well-being due to a drop in the effectiveness of testosterone production to infertility. In general, it is not recommended even to bathe in water with a temperature higher than that of the human body, not to mention the procedure with scalding eggs.

2 Bandaging the testicles

There are people who have heard something about a vasectomy (a surgical operation to dress or remove a fragment of the vas deferens) and decide that they are smarter than doctors. They take an elastic band or rope and pull the testicles at the junction with the pelvis. Naturally, this method does not work, since the ducts are thin and are far from the skin. In addition, this method poses a threat to health and can lead to gangrene. I wanted sex without pregnancy – got castration.

3 masturbation before sex – Birth Control Methods That Do Not Work

Some people think that by jerking several times before having sex, they will use up the entire supply of sperm and eliminate the risk of pregnancy. They judge the consumption of stocks by ejaculate, the amount of which is really decreasing with every orgasm.

The only thing is that the number of sperm, not produced by the secrets of the prostate gland and seminal vesicles, is reduced, not sperm. As we said above, in a minute a normally functioning male body produces about 50 thousand sperm. However, some guys do not know such information, and they, with the belief that they have become temporarily sterile, go to fertilize their girlfriends.

By the way, this method is also bad in that it reduces sexual desire. After several orgasms, the body can say no at all, and the penis will not rise. It is understandable: he fulfilled his reproduction function, but for nothing or not – this is another question.

5 Contraceptive methods that do not work

4 Products and herbs from Chinese healers

Adherents of this method are usually all sorts of spiritualized personalities close to nirvana. The essence of the method is that you eat certain foods that inhibit sperm production and provide the proper level of contraception. Just say that there are no such products, and this method does not work. But in fairness, we note that some products reduce the production of testosterone.

These include salt, sugar, smoked meats, coffee, alcohol. The last two products not only inhibit the male reproductive system but also stimulate the production of female hormones. We don’t even talk about herbs – this is complete nonsense.

5 Reception of female hormones – Contraceptive methods that do not work

We don’t even know what could be worse than this method. It’s better to bandage the testicles with a rope and put in boiling water – so you at least lose only this organ. When taking female hormones, irreversible consequences can occur, such as constant sterility, a general decline in body functions; hormonal diseases may occur. And we are not talking about the fact that you will have real boobs (namely boobs, not the likeness of a woman’s breast), an erection will disappear, and your voice will become thin and tender.

If you are a transgender and consider yourself a girl who somehow got a male body instead of a female one, then yes, this is your method. People who pursue the goal of just becoming temporarily sterile, it is better to bypass it.






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