5 behavior of a trustworthy person

5 behavior of a trustworthy person

5 behavior of trustworthy person.

Trust is like a mirror. If it is broken, you can, of course, glue it, but cracks … cracks will still remain. And you will know that they are there.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. It is like an anchor, helping to stay together even in the most terrible storm. Of course, much more is needed, but trust is precisely the cornerstone without which relations will crumble.

Suppose you meet a man and have a great time. Every day you find more and more common with him – love the same films, communicate wonderfully and even want the same thing in this life, but … But something stops you, not allowing you to trust this person fully. Yes, sometimes there are situations when you should overcome distrust and take a “leap of faith”, but in most cases, if you do not trust your partner, the reason for this is simple – he has not earned trust yet. Although this cannot go on for long. You simply cannot live in constant fear that they will leave you, they will cheat on you or lie for no reason – just because sooner or later it will lead you to paranoia.

You probably heard that trust cannot be earned in one day … And this is true. In order to lay a solid foundation of trust under the relationship, the persistent efforts of two partners are needed. You must be extremely honest, even if it makes you vulnerable. You must be faithful and understanding – because only in this way can you gain the trust of a partner. Each person, if you delve into his soul, will find deep self-doubt or a burden of the past, but a truly loving person will never poke his finger in an incompletely healed wound. If someone happened to experience many betrayals and betrayals during his life, it will be very difficult for him to trust you.

Trust is not something that you give to anyone, it is incredibly valuable. You must understand that this person is really worthy of him.

In this article you will find several signs that are worth seeing in a person before you can trust him …

 1. Absolute transparency – Behavior of a trustworthy person

Yes, we all need personal space and healthy borders, no one argues with this … But there is a clear line between this and the frank lack of devotion. Mobile phones and dating sites have become a divine gift for men who are prone to cheating. Yes, keep in mind this does not mean that you should secretly check his contact lists, calls and SMS every day, if he does not give the slightest reason for this – this is petty and indicates your inability to trust anyone.

But suppose you have a dead phone, and you take the phone of your boyfriend or husband to call … As soon as he is in your hands, sweat breaks through him, he carefully monitors where you look and you should end the call how does he literally snatch it from your hands? If something like this happens regularly, you have something to worry about. If the partner left the house for a run and you answered the call on his phone – this is quite normal, and there is nothing wrong with that. But if after that he began to behave aggressively and tell you that you would never touch his phone … There is something wrong.

Absolute transparency is crucial for a relationship. This is quite normal if, for the sake of an important business call, he leaves for the next room to make him quiet and calm. But if he never talks to anyone on the phone in your presence, this is an alarming bell. And if he rather misses a call than answers it in your presence, then he is definitely trying to hide something. Be careful, but not too tight. And – communicate, not be silent.

2. His friends and relatives know about you

Of course, this should not reach an unhealthy degree – you should not turn into his trophy, which he shows everyone, but if he really loves you, he will introduce him to his family and friends. By doing this, he shows you that he likes to be near you, that he is not only not embarrassed by you, but also proud that you chose him.

3. Mentions on social networks – Behavior of a trustworthy person

3. Mentions on social networks - Behavior of a trustworthy person
3. Mentions on social networks – Behavior of a trustworthy person

Social networks are a place in which the majority of modern youth creates their image for the outside world. So if your boyfriend, despite being active on social networks, constantly ignores your tags, comments and posts, then something is unclean. Well, if in his tape not only is there not a single photo of you, but even there is no mention of you at all, then he is still trying to show that he is not meeting anyone. You should pay attention to this.

4. He repeatedly proves the seriousness of his feelings

No, he should immediately clear his contact list from all the girls he knows, break off relations with friends and start devoting all his time to you, and only to you. But he definitely should forget about flirting with other girls. Friendship – yes, flirting – no. A truly in love man will not even think about trying to attract the attention of another girl, no matter how beautiful, because he is pleased with what he already has – you.

5. He admits his mistakes – Behavior of a trustworthy person

5. He admits his mistakes - Behavior of a trustworthy person

We all sometimes make mistakes, and this is quite natural. It is important not to try to be infallible, but to be able to admit your mistakes, ponder them, apologize for them and correct their consequences. If a guy does something wrong, and then tries to turn everything around as if you were to blame for what happened, he is definitely not the only one.

Both sides of a romantic relationship should be honest with each other and take responsibility for mistakes made. If your man is trustworthy, he will not hide anything from you.





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