4 Signs You Are Emotionally Exhausted And How To Fix It

4 Signs You Are Emotionally Exhausted And How To Fix It

Emotional exhaustion – a state of devastation that is caused by the accumulation of stress at work and/or personal life. Sometimes the same term is used to describe “burnout” and a feeling of lack of energy to carry out everyday duties. These symptoms most often occur in people who work in high positions or in companies where the requirements for employees are excessively high.

However, emotional exhaustion can occur outside of these conditions. No one is immune to emotional exhaustion, but there are several ways that can help you anticipate his approach and possibly even prevent it. Here are a few signs that you are emotionally exhausted and what to do about it.

4 Signs You Are Emotionally Exhausted

Signs You Are Emotionally Exhausted And How To Fix It
Signs You Are Emotionally Exhausted And How To Fix It

1 you are constantly irritable – Signs You Are Emotionally Exhausted

When you are emotionally exhausted, it becomes difficult for you to control what we call irrational anger or simply sudden outbursts of anger. In fact, when you are close to burnout, you are desperate to stay calm and try to follow your usual schedule. It is exhausting.

In moments when you are exhausted and need a reboot, it is much easier for you to succumb to anger and irritability. Emotional exhaustion is simply looking for a way out, and it does not matter to you that you can offend someone or get into an unpleasant situation because of this. You may regret what you did or expressed later, but at the very moment when you get angry, you temporarily lose the ability to control yourself.


One of the most powerful ways to help get rid of anger is through breathing. When you get angry or upset, your breathing and heartbeat become more frequent, which leads to the activation of the “fight or run” reaction. When this works, it becomes difficult for you to think rationally or make sound decisions. So first of all, try to calm your breathing.

2 You are not motivated to do anything – Signs You Are Emotionally Exhausted

Too much stress can deprive you of even the most joyful plans and initiatives. It makes you feel that no matter how hard you try, you don’t have enough emotional strength to achieve something.

Such a state can complicate the process of working, solving problems and getting pleasure from creating anything. On a physical level, stress and lack of motivation can undermine your condition to such an extent that you begin to feel lethargic and lack of appetite. You can also show apathy in relation to things that usually brought you happiness.


One of the working ways to revitalize yourself is to analyze the situation. That is, you should try to understand why you lack motivation.

Maybe this is because you are driving yourself too much, and your to-do list has become too long. If so, you must learn to cross out non-priority cases from the list and devote yourself to something that does not cause you a rejection. Or you can do too much for others while scoring on your own needs.

Signs You Are Emotionally Exhausted And How To Fix It
Signs You Are Emotionally Exhausted And How To Fix It

3 You constantly feel tired and sleep poorly

You might think that feeling emotionally empty will make you fall asleep as soon as your head touches the pillow. In fact, this is not so at all.

Emotional emptiness comes with insomnia, which negatively affects your health. It is extremely important for you to get enough sleep daily. Without it, you will simply deplete your body, preventing it from resting. Pay attention to what your thoughts are occupied before going to bed. Maybe you are working on unfinished tasks, trying to sleep, or remembering something important.


One way to get asleep is to turn the process of falling asleep into a routine. First, try to fall asleep at the same time, then by a certain hour, you will automatically feel sleepy. Secondly, try not to use electronics an hour before bedtime (and this is at least).

4 you feel cornered

When you feel emotionally exhausted, it is difficult for you to change your mind about a problem. If you are trying to find a way out of a situation related to work, relationships or other areas of life, emotional emptiness can become your deterrent to create a positive outlook.

At some point, we all feel stuck in a life problem. This is the first sign of emotional exhaustion.


One way to get rid of a sign of emotional exhaustion is to seek help. This can be a conversation with a best friend or family member, or if emotional devastation does not go away for a long time, you can seek specialized help.






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