4 Dirty Signs Of Female Manipulation

4 Dirty Signs Of Female Manipulation

Frequently we hear from friends: yesterday she was a cute adorable bunny, and today this rabid rabbit ate my brain! Yeah man, this is rubbish. Perhaps the girl’s reincarnation is happening for a reason, and PMS is just her sweet excuse. That is one of the famous female manipulation techniques.

In this article, we are going to ave a look female emotional manipulation and four dirty female manipulation tricks.

Here are 4 Dirty Signs Of Female Manipulation:

4 Dirty Signs Of Female Manipulation
4 Dirty Signs Of Female Manipulation

1 She ignores you – Signs Of Female Manipulation

One has only to screw up, as they immediately announce a boycott. And now you are already trying like an abandoned doggie to win the attention of the mistress. Did you catch the logic? Being ignore is punishment. Thus, the girl practically trains the man: he got the location – well done, good boy, catch a kiss on the bearded cheek. But sometimes the girls begin to “flirt” and terrorize their loved ones with or without, as a result of which the frightened man falls into a trap: a step to the right, a step to the left – ignore.

2 She feeds you – Signs Of Female Manipulation

A female feeder loves to pamper her man with various fried and high-calorie goodies: she is madly turned on by oily, smacking lips and a beer tummy with greasy folds on the sides, but this does not mean that she loves you the way you are. No! This type of female manipulation in relationships gives her moral and sexual satisfaction when she sees how you are gaining weight. It turns out that the ability to cook deliciously is the only plus of a female feeder.

For the rest, imagine that everything happens as if you are meeting your grandmother, who is just waiting for the moment to feed her boy. That’s it, what the fuck! But the worst thing in relationship to the feeder is that while a man chews dumplings, eagerly washing them down with beer, time passes and he turns into a “bun” with a bunch of complexes.

Warning Signs of Manipulation in Relationships

4 Dirty Signs Of Female Manipulation
4 Dirty Signs Of Female Manipulation

3 No sex!

British scientists have long found that women love sex no less, and sometimes even more than men. But, nevertheless, the girls still continue to manipulate this topic. Skillfully knows as the art of manipulation. So, the Ukrainian concubine of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent – Roksolan – was able to achieve what no one had ever achieved before thanks to sexual manipulation: she became his official wife. According to legend, when the sultan granted freedom to the concubine and then demanded her to her bedroom, the woman ordered Suleiman to be refused, explaining that since she was a free girl, she could not hang around with different sultans. I had to get married.

And here is what we found in the discussions at the women’s forum: “The time for sex is chosen this way: if a man gave a gift or donated somewhere, then sex should be, and if he did not provide any services, then the time is not suitable for sex.” And again, an attempt to tame you! The old woman says that this method of manipulation is called “fixing and promoting the behavioral element”, which is used by circus trainers.

Signs You’re Being Manipulated In A Relationship

4 “If you leave, I will kill myself!”

Agree that living your whole life, blaming yourself for the death of an ex-girlfriend, is a rather bleak prospect, which the pseudo-suicide herself counts on. At the heart of this dirty manipulation are the two strongest whales: guilt and pity. Usually, girls resort to this tactic when other methods do not help at all, and her man has already packed his bag and is heading for the exit.

Resisting pseudo-suicide is very difficult. Firstly, she may actually be prone to suicide, so you should inform her family about the “threats,” after which you automatically discharge yourself of responsibility. Secondly, try to explain that your relationship will not go far for pity: did she really dream of a walking dead man?

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