april fools day

36 Hilarious April fools day pranks

Nobody is aware of the roots of April fools day till this day, even though there are significant differences from where it originates. Some people say it originated on 1st April 1698 when London people have pranked with an invitation to “the Lions Washed” event. Some believe that it started around 1381 when Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales were published.

As the April fools day tradition has acquired worldwide popularity. It has provided us the opportunity to laugh at best April fools pranks which comes with good spirits while causing no injury for the victim unless its filthy shameful trick.

So if you are a fan of good April fools pranks, have a look at this hilarious pranks I have specially compiled for you below.

I personally don’t support destroying people’s property or troubling them, but everything else is fair game today! Happy pranking!

1. Balloon Prank Fake Out

2. Create an infinite loop of shopping carts around their car

3. Mouse Prank

4. Become A Seat And Watch People’s Reactions

5. Mentos Ice Bomb for your friends that love soda.

6. Prank At Walmart

7. The Cage Copier

8. Install An Airhorn As A Door Wall Protector

9. Cups Full Of Water

10. Mentos Prank

11. Plant Your Own Lawn In The Office

12. Turn Their Cubicle Into A Bathroom

13. Leave This In Your Roommate’s Bathroom On April Fools’ Day With The Door Shut

14. Fake Poop

15. Mix Skittles, M&m’s And Reese’s Pieces

16. Make Dinner For Your Friends

17. Chewbacca Roar Contest

18. Chicken Soup Shower

19. Leave A Surprise For Whoever Redoes The Carpet

20. Hang Kim Jong Un On The Staff Picture Wall

21. Attach An Airhorn To Their Seat

22. Text a GIF of the “typing” symbol to make your friends wait for a response that never comes.

23. If you have the time, tools, and materials, turn someone’s bedroom into a closet.

24. Text them random stuff to make them think they subscribed to it.

25. Print this out and tape it next to your office’s printer.

26. And finally, put googly eyes on EVERYTHING

27. Bug Stickers all around the place

28. Vegan Pizza war

29. Free Popcorns for everyone

30. Good old Oreo toothpaste fillup

31. Rainproof Car Wrap

32. Damn it Brown Es

33. We all love Hot Cheetos

34. Painted Tap Water and Soap too

35. Shampoo Bottle is broken

36. Sweet Cat Lovers






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