3 Zodiac Signs That Destroy Relationship More Often

3 Zodiac Signs That Destroy Relationship More Often

Your emotional life is not just a thriller, it is a whole destroyed Roman empire of love!

You cry after the break. Your emotional life is not just a thriller, it is a whole destroyed Roman empire of love!

Zodiac Signs That Destroy Relationship More Often

3 Zodiac Signs That Destroy Relationship More Often
3 Zodiac Signs That Destroy Relationship More Often

Perhaps you imagine that someone cursed you or that somewhere your voodoo doll lies, which is the main cause of the problems. It seems that you will be alone forever. But the culprit of your loneliness is often not other people and circumstances. So…

Taurus – Zodiac Signs That Destroy Relationship More Often

You consider yourself a strong, self-sufficient and ambitious person, but the independent image that you created is scary for potential partners. Undoubtedly, your charisma and openness do not go unnoticed, but the person who is in a relationship with you feels as if he is constantly experiencing.

You force your man to solve more and more puzzles – because you want to make sure that he is ready to do a lot for you. Because of your habit of doing everything as best as possible, more original and more efficient, it always seems to him that your relationship has turned into a competition. And he also feels that in your union he is somewhere in the background.

At first, your talkativeness seemed even attractive, because there is no worse girl who just keeps silent and blinks, looking at her man, but you overdid it! Your boyfriend has the opportunity to express his thoughts only for a short pause between your two monologues, when you decided to take a break.

And after all this, you won’t understand how he dared to break off relations when you are so beautiful, when people like you can no longer be found in the whole world! Yes, he still continues to call from time to time, because what you both do in bed is really something unforgettable. But exactly until you start commanding him: “This leg should be there, that hand should be here, and now slow down a bit, no, do it faster, no, you are doing everything wrong, let me show you how to do it” . And then he immediately remembers why he had to leave you. And you really could bite your tongue, at least for a while …


It’s great that you are smart, charismatic, but it will not help you keep the man you like next. And you know why? First you play the snow queen, extremely restrained when it comes to the manifestation of emotions, and just when he gets used to this behavior, everything suddenly turns upside down.

You transform into a notorious girl who seems to be sitting on some kind of drugs. During the day you send him 185 ridiculous messages full of allusions to your feelings, and when you meet you immediately jump on him and begin to cover him with a hug, as if he had returned from the war. When you kiss him, it seems that three years have passed since you last saw him, although only a couple of hours have passed.

Your gene turned on the control first sent him a message: “I want to play with you. You are my master, and your subject. ” But beyond the borders of the bedroom, you drive him crazy – in the most direct sense of the word. Imagine that your boyfriend interrogates daily about where you are, with whom you are, what you do, when you are expected to be at home, and so on. It is likely that you would run away from this man as soon as possible, even if you felt that you had found the love of your whole life.

Aquarius – Zodiac Signs That Destroy Relationship More Often

You are not looking for a man, but a challenge! You are not interested in, so to speak, normal guys. You tell everyone that they make you yawn, for this reason you are ready to gladly give them to your friends. You are more interested in guys with a more or less noticeable defect in the head, and their emotional inaccessibility is a free bonus.

You look at them as objects of your own experiment – you find them falling apart, and then you do everything to restore and heal.

You are not Mother Teresa, and they are not chicks with broken wings, whose injuries must be healed by you. And, of course, they are not parts of the constructor to recreate something in accordance with your imagination.

Some time passes, the “ward” fights back and decides to leave your nest, and then you begin to call him an ungrateful scumbag, who, despite all your kindness, behaved very low.

Remember, did he ever ask you for help? A wise man once said: “Darling, you must be your personal hero, since all others are only doing what they save themselves.” Instead of doing everything possible to try to help wounded souls, help yourself better. Or until the end of your life you will be wondering why you attract the “wrong guys” and for what reason you are thrown from time to time


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