19 Ways To Slow Down And Make Life More Valuable

19 Ways To Slow Down And Make Life More Valuable

Have you ever had the impression that every day is a rat race? If so, then you are not alone, because millions of people every day become participants in a race in which there is not even a prize.

Many people are in a hurry all day long. But ask why in such a hurry – they will not give a clear answer. Sometimes it seems as if the world itself lives in a kind of frantic rhythm, and we have to adapt to it.

We began to communicate more, but dialogues lost their sincerity; technologies that were designed to make life easier, began to steal valuable time, and you must learn to deal with this phenomenon, become more disciplined and literally “slow down” the passage of time. We will talk about ways that will help not just save time, but add precious hours in order to start living a full life.

19 Ways To Slow Down And Make Life More Valuable

Ways To Slow Down And Make Life More Valuable
Ways To Slow Down And Make Life More Valuable

1 Do not plan to meet with a small time difference

Such arrogance can play a cruel joke with you when one meeting has not yet ended, and the other has almost begun. You will spend a lot of nerves, you will not be able to fully communicate with one person and do not have time to meet another. Leave enough time between meetings in order to have time to relax, gather your thoughts and arrive at the appointed place on time.

2 Plan any business, leaving a little time in reserve – Ways To Slow Down And Make Life More Valuable

Even if it seems to you that a certain job will take a little time, leave yourself a short period in reserve in case of force majeure. Even if you meet the deadline, there will be extra time to relax.

3 plan your day

The schedule allows you to save time, clearly structure your work. Knowing that you have only a limited period of time to complete a specific task, you will not spend it on useless things and procrastination.

4 Get up early – Ways To Slow Down And Make Life More Valuable

An early rise adds a few hours to working time, which allows you to deal with many important matters before lunch. You will do much more than your competitors, and you will easily find a free window to spend time on yourself.

5 Get out of the house on time

Do not sleep in bed an extra 10 minutes: they will not help to fill up a lack of sleep. Do not rely on the fact that today there will be no traffic jams, but get out on time so as not to fight for a place in the minibus and not run headlong to work. Most consider non-punctual people to be incompetent, so learn how to get to important meetings on time, and even better – in advance .

6 Do not waste time on useless things – Ways To Slow Down And Make Life More Valuable

Do not view images on the Internet during business hours, reduce the time for unnecessary dialogs and realize that you save at least one hour during the day.

7 Do not go to work meetings that do not benefit

If the boss gathers employees for a meeting, but you know that questions that are not related to your work will be resolved at it, then find the opportunity not to attend. You may save 20 minutes, but you don’t have to catch them up during the lunch break.

8 Start saying no – Ways To Slow Down And Make Life More Valuable

Set priorities, setting your tasks above all else. To refuse to those who want to ride on your neck is not rudeness, but rational behavior.

9 Change the schedule

If you swap tasks and adjust them in such a way as to start execution at a time when you are most productive, you can save at least half an hour.

Ways To Slow Down And Make Life More Valuable
Ways To Slow Down And Make Life More Valuable

10 Take a break

A small reboot can help relieve your brain, and after a break, you will begin to work more productively. Go for a walk, have some coffee, let your body and brain relax.

11 Training – Ways To Slow Down And Make Life More Valuable

Exercise for a man can become a real antidepressant if work is associated with a sedentary lifestyle. You will not only bring the body into shape, but also unload the nervous system.

12 Group same tasks

Perform similar tasks at a time: this method will save time and tune in to work properly. Answer all emails at once, plan business meetings for the first half of the day – do everything to organize and intensify your work.

13 Do not complicate your work

Many employees who have just come to work, try to work more than necessary, without requiring payment for excessive work. Do not find unnecessary tasks for yourself and save personal time.

14 Start with Priority Tasks – Ways To Slow Down And Make Life More Valuable

Many people make a huge mistake putting off tasks that are of the utmost importance for the evening. As a rule, this is a laborious work, which we put off until the last. But this is not worth doing.

15 Complete tasks in advance

What could be better than a task completed on time? This is a problem that has been solved in advance. Stroke things not in the morning before going to work, but in the evening before going to bed; write a report in advance. If the opportunity arises, anticipate events rather than chasing them.

16 Take small breaks

Allocate 5 minutes to rest in the interval between the main activities. Even such a short rest helps the nervous system to reboot,and you will continue to work without undue stress.

17 Do not ignore lunch

Do not forget to eat during the day. A good lunch will replenish your energy supply and make you more productive. So take half an hour to eat calmly.

18 Ignore the phone

Most of the time you spend on your phone, answering unnecessary calls, messages in various instant messengers and viewing sent photos. If you are not waiting for important calls, then remove it as far as possible and work.

19 Do not check email every 5 minutes

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