17 Ways You Complicate Your Life

17 Ways You Complicate Your Life

Nowadays, many people live a tense, complex, hasty life, depriving themselves of the opportunity to enjoy it. If you are just one of these many, you should know that there are several ways in which you actually complicate your life.

Perhaps most of all you need not so much to do something as to carefully clean your to-do lists. When you decide so many things during the day that you can’t remember anything that you did and don’t feel better doing it, then you are just too busy and your life is too complicated.

17 ways you make life difficult for you and how you can stop it

Ways You Complicate Your Life
Ways You Complicate Your Life

1 You linger – Ways You Complicate Your Life

Projects are accumulating, some tasks are constantly on your to-do list, emails and messages go unanswered, and people want your attention. When you don’t do what you owe, you just linger. This will lead to the fact that your projects will never be completed, and your to-do list will only be updated.

2 You are worried -Ways You Complicate Your Life

The more you worry, the more problems you cannot solve. And often you don’t encounter real problems – most problems exist only in your head. But you still worry. The energy you spend on anxiety may be just the energy you have to spend on finding a solution.

3 You do more than is required of you

You often say yes, and that may be your main problem. Before you agree to something, you must ask yourself if you really have the time and energy to fulfill your obligations. Perhaps you should refuse?

4 You are waiting -Ways You Complicate Your Life

The ideal time will never come, no matter how long you wait for it. Now your dream seems unattainable to you, so you prefer to wait for a better time. You expect that it will become easier, clearer, more interesting, but the catch is that without the actions you have taken, nothing will change.

5 You seek approval – Ways You Complicate Your Life

You can do it unconsciously. Let’s be honest: most of what we do, we do in order to please others. It causes stress. You are unlikely to succeed in trying to please all people, and even that is useless. Concentrate on your needs set yourself the goals that you want to achieve.

6 You are complaining

Remember: the most useless thing that you may have in your life is complaints. They do not change anything, but almost always annoy others and slow you down. Instead of focusing on problem solving, you complain about your life.

7 You seek control – Ways You Complicate Your Life

When you try to control more than you should, you do not enjoy life, but only create unnecessary tension. Control should not be the goal of your life. You will quickly become disillusioned with yourself and those around you and get tired of wasting time and energy on useless work. Learn to let things go by themselves – sometimes it brings much more benefits than the desire for control.

8 You do not set boundaries

No, not everything that others tell you should be taken by you for the truth, far from always the reason for the bad mood of your interlocutor is in you, and not everyone needs your help. Borders affect our perceptions. If you respect your own boundaries, other people will also respect them.

Ways You Complicate Your Life
Ways You Complicate Your Life

9 you avoid conflicts – Ways You Complicate Your Life

So many people do not like conflicts, losing sight of the fact that it is in a dispute that truth is born. If you prefer to avoid the problem, it will not disappear, but only will become more and more. Be prepared to make uncomfortable and unpleasant conversations for your own good.

10 you live in the past

What is your use of the past besides experience? You can learn from the past, look at your mistakes and rethink your attitude to some things. That’s probably all. Try to live here and now.

11 you dramatize – Ways You Complicate Your Life

Indulging the drama of other people and giving yourself freedom in this, you will feel more intense and depressed than usual. There are people who make drama the meaning of their lives, and communication with such people should be minimized.

12 you compare yourself with others

Accept yourself and your life as it is. Each person has his own path to success and his own concept of success. Comparing with someone else dooms you to failure in advance because you are too busy trying to become like someone and losing your personality.

13 You do not strive for productivity

Efficiency and productivity are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. If you are busy, most likely you are not as productive as you could be. If you are productive, most likely you are not so busy and have time not only to solve work problems, but also to relax and your personal life.

14 you hold a grudge – Ways You Complicate Your Life

Clinging to offensive feelings, bitterness, disappointment and emotions of hatred and anger, you only worsen the situation. In order to become a free person, you must learn to get rid of these emotions in your life and not keep evil on yourself and other people.

15 You are trying to fool yourself and others

Try to be honest not only with others, but also with yourself. Analyze the different situations that you find yourself in and your attitude to them. Think more, do not contradict your life principles, be simpler. Try not only to tell the truth, but also to be truthful in your actions. 7 signs that you are engaged in self-deception

16 You let yourself be distracted – Ways You Complicate Your Life

When you are very busy, you have very little time for breaks. If someone distracts you, do not waste time on such breaks – try to explain to the person that you do not have free time to talk about anything. You will always be insanely busy if you allow people to poke their head in their door every ten minutes.

17 You take one step forward and two steps back

In other words, you hesitate. You wonder if you should do this, in the end, you start – and after a while you stop. You see opportunities, but do not use them one hundred percent. Keep your head up and do not give in to negative thoughts






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