15 Smart Goals To Improve Life

15 Smart Goals To Improve Life

Our whole life is aimed at achieving any goals, regardless of whether we consciously move towards them or not. To become more active and productive, we must learn to set specific intellectual goals that we can use in the future to measure our personal growth. Intellectual goals are an expression of what you want to achieve for yourself in life.

Once you clearly articulate your goals, you will become more purposeful and motivated, because you will know what your efforts will ultimately bring to you.

15 Smart Goals To Improve Life

Here are a few examples of intellectual goals that can improve all areas of your life.

Smart Goals To Improve Life
Smart Goals To Improve Life

1 Improve your time management skills – Smart Goals To Improve Life

It’s simple: be more focused on completing daily tasks. Minimize distractions and increase your productivity. Perhaps a deliberate time limit will help you. Each time you sit down to complete a task, set a timer for 30 minutes and try to have time to finish before the time runs out.

2 Learn a foreign language

There are many advantages that a foreign language can give you. For example, you can expand your career opportunities, find more customers, make more useful contacts and increase your salary. You don’t need to especially enroll in various courses or enroll in language schools – just allocate half an hour a day for classes in a foreign language, and within a year you can achieve unexpectedly high results.

3 Improve your emotional intelligence – Smart Goals To Improve Life

Emotional intelligence plays an important role in your interaction with people around you. It allows you to pay attention to the emotions and motivations that underlie human actions and establish contact with other people, understanding their emotional state. Emotional intelligence makes you a pleasant conversationalist and makes it easier to enter trust in others.

4 Speak louder to get you started

Try to face the truth: are you one of those who hardly speak at meetings, or are you the one at the beginning of the speech of which everyone around us is silent? If the first option suits you, then you should try to change the situation. First, start working on your diction. You must speak clearly so that you do not have to ask again. Secondly, start talking already loudly and confidently. Only in this situation will you want to listen to you.

5 Improve public speaking skills – Smart Goals To Improve Life

There are people who are afraid of public speaking – it seems to them that they will not be listened to, that only upon entering the stage they will forget everything that they were supposed to tell, etc. You need to start fighting these fears. Prepare a speech, write it down on a piece of paper that you will take with you to the speech. Try to rehearse your exit in front of the mirror – so you will understand if you are gesticulating too much, how you will look on the stage and what you need to correct in your appearance.

Smart Goals To Improve Life
Smart Goals To Improve Life

6 Improve your listening skills

Many people can speak quickly, but it’s very bad to listen. You can find out if you can listen to others just by asking them for feedback. Ask questions: “Was my answer helpful?” or “Can I help you with something?” You need to learn to listen more and more carefully so that people understand that their opinion really matters to you.

7 Learn New Every Day – Smart Goals To Improve Life

You should not stop your studies, even if you have already achieved everything you dreamed about. You need to learn all your life. Therefore, never miss the opportunity to learn something new and useful, even if it is not related to your profession. All the same, there will be many moments in life when your random knowledge can help you. In your free time, try to listen to podcasts, watch educational videos or take courses in related specialties. Only in this way can you remain a sought-after professional always.

8 Attend various events

Do this in order to expand your useful contacts. It will be ideal if the events allow you to communicate with old colleagues or meet new people from your area or related specialties. You never know whether you will need the help of a person in the future or not. Do not be afraid to exchange contacts with barely familiar people – networking significantly makes life easier.

9 Overcome Social Media Addiction – Smart Goals To Improve Life

If you want to do more, you must learn to discard useless activities, such as flipping through a news feed on social networks, for example. This can take several days or weeks – it’s important to set aside time for yourself after which you should not have access to social networks. You will be surprised how much you actually have free time that you can spend on something more substantial.

10 wake up early – Smart Goals To Improve Life

Have you ever thought about why you have so little time left for yourself? Just try to learn to wake up earlier. So you will have the opportunity to perform all complex tasks in the morning, freeing yourself an evening.

11 Increase typing speed

Slow typing speeds down your productivity. You can set a goal to increase the speed and accuracy of typing within three months.

12 Get rid of parasite words

If you want to speak beautifully and confidently, first of all you have to get rid of all parasitic words and other speech constructions that distract the interlocutor’s attention from what you say. No “uh”, “this is the most”, “well”; put the word “type” under the strictest ban, especially in business negotiations. Watch your speech, because it should show you the best side.

13 Read books – Smart Goals To Improve Life

At least one or two a month. Reading not only develops imagination but also expands your vocabulary. By the way, reading books before bedtime calms and helps to relax. You can set a goal to read 30 pages a day, and your results for the year will definitely surprise you.

14 Learn to formulate thoughts briefly

There is nothing more tiring than having a conversation with a person who cannot formulate his thoughts. One small story that could fit into a couple of sentences, he turns into a half-hour monologue. Try to make life easier for the person you are talking to and express your thoughts briefly and clearly. It saves time and nerve cells of the people around you.

15 Train memory – Smart Goals To Improve Life

You can take tests of mindfulness and memorization or learn poems and excerpts from songs. Regular memory training can develop mobile intelligence, expand a person’s working memory and improve concentration skills.






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