15 Best ways to develop creativity

15 Best ways to develop creativity

Creativity and a creative approach are necessary for each person for a successful activity. But, there are times when it seems to us that our creativity has run out, and all the actions taken have been brought to automatism.

Ways to develop creativity

top ways to develop creativity
top ways to develop creativity

Of course, a modern person is surrounded by many different things that do not contribute to the development of creativity, but if desired, anything is possible. In this article, you will find 15 creativity tips to help you.

  1.  Fight routine every day – do not allow yourself to become robots that perform most of the actions automatically. To do this, diversify your life and work, even in small things. Drink each time from a different cup, wear different things every day, fold clothes, books, dishes differently. Experiment – change the order of actions. Every day, when you come up with how to diversify your work and life, the part of the brain responsible for creativity and creativity will strain, thereby you train it.
  2. Swap once a week. What surrounds us has a significant impact on how we think and live. Therefore, do not let your interior bother you – even if you do not want to carry furniture from corner to corner, try to buy or make some new decorative element or change your curtains with your own hands – the goal is to continually update the interior.
  3.  There is an excellent way to develop creativity – this is dating and chatting with new people. Just set a goal – to get to know three people every week. Communicating with them, you come into contact with a completely different world, views, expand the boundaries of your thinking, and naturally – train creativity.
  4. Try a simple exercise daily – take a piece of paper and a pen, write 7 random letters that come to your mind. Now, think up the words that will begin with these letters and make a sentence from them. This is a very effective exercise that not only develops your creativity, but also stimulates the brain.
Best ways to develop creativity
Best ways to develop creativity
  1. To develop creativity, you need to visit new places more often. Love travel, and today, make yourself a plan for the near future, based on your financial and time capabilities. Try to visit another city at least once a month that you have never been to.
  2. If you do not have the opportunity to travel outside your hometown so often, you can visit new places without leaving anywhere. Look on the Internet for information about your village or city, and you will surely learn a lot of new and interesting things, and also find for yourself a number of places that you want to visit.
  3. There is another very good exercise for training creativity. You need to take a blank sheet of paper and a pen again, and write 20 nouns. Now for these nouns, start coming up with adjectives that are not characteristic of them. For example, rough tea, loyal bread and so on. At first it may seem to you that this is just some kind of stupidity, but in fact this method is very effective and helps to learn how to find non-standard solutions to problems. In addition to everything, you will get a charge of good mood, which will also have a beneficial effect on the brain.
  4. At night, when you go to bed, allow yourself to plunge into another world – where you have unlimited possibilities. Draw your life in your imagination, imagine everything in detail. Try to see in your head a detailed color picture. Dream about everything that comes to your mind – do not be shy about it.
  5. Try to pronounce words and sentences from the end. It’s very easy for us to read the word backwards, but to reproduce it in this way without seeing it is much more difficult. But, on the other hand, such a simple exercise
    promotes the development of imagination and creativity.
  6. Draw, even if you are absolutely sure that you can’t do anything, this helps to develop creativity. The important thing in this exercise is precisely the process of creating a picture, and not redrawing it from what we see around.
  7. Everything that you do every day can be used to develop creativity. Whenever you do something around the house or do some routine work, try making short quatrains about your occupation.
  8. The state of happiness and joy contributes to the disclosure of creative potential and activates the brain. Therefore, try to fill your life with positive emotions, if possible, avoid negative experiences, or at least learn to control them.
  9. Reading fiction will also help develop creativity. Therefore, try to devote at least a little time every day to reading a short chapter from a book, or at least a story from a magazine. Read thoughtfully, introducing yourself to every detail of the event and character described.
  10. Be sure to provide your brain with the substances necessary for its full work. For maximum brain function, unsaturated fatty acids, glucose, magnesium, and B vitamins are needed. Water is also a very important component. Do not forget to sleep well and regularly.
  11. Fall in love – do not be afraid of this feeling. Since the state of love reveals creativity, nothing and nobody can reveal it. Therefore, open your feelings in order to love your partner and the whole world. Love should be a normal state of a creative person!

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