14 Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence

14 Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence

The most successful people are far from always the smartest. The secret is in emotional intelligence, which implies an interest in one’s and other people’s feelings, the ability to recognize and control them.

Humans are emotional creatures. This is why emotional intelligence, which involves the ability to identify, understand, and control emotions, is so important.

Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence

Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence
Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence helps us better understand ourselves and other people. It allows us to make those decisions that are best consistent with our true beliefs and values. When used correctly, it can make you a better employee, better partner, best parent and best friend.

But what does emotional intelligence look like in real life?

Below we will analyze some characteristics that are characteristic of high EQ.

1. You dissect your feelings. (And other people’s feelings)

You do not just feel, you think about how you feel, and try to understand why you feel these feelings. In the same way, you analyze your colleagues, friends, and family members.

This helps to understand what role emotions play in your own behavior and the behavior of others.

2. You do not rush

You know that emotions and feelings are temporary. And if you do not want to regret then, do not rush into decisions. That’s why you pause, especially if you realize that you are in a moment of emotional instability.

3. You remain yourself – Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence

You understand that being “real” does not mean always and sharing with everyone what you think.

But that means saying what you mean and adhering firmly to your values ​​and principles.

4. Do you know how to focus your thoughts

You do not always manage to control your feelings: external stimuli can make you feel happy or sad, angry or kind. But you understand that you have the ability to influence the development of these feelings – all you need is to focus your thoughts correctly.

As the old saying goes: “You cannot stop a bird from sitting on your head, but you can stop it from making a nest there.”

5. You are open for feedback

Nobody likes to listen to criticism, including you.

But instead of being afraid of negative feedback, you welcome it – because you know that you can use it for personal growth.

When the time comes to tell another person about unpleasant things, you try to do it as humane as possible. You understand that being right is not enough; it is kindness that allows you to achieve the best results.

6. Do you practice empathy – Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence

You are not in a hurry to make judgments, as you strive to see things from the point of view of those around you. It is not a matter of agreement, but of understanding.

And in an effort to understand others, you are laying the foundation for trust, which leads to deeper, more meaningful relationships.

7. You keep your word

Nowadays, people are ready to give up everything – from a handshake to plans for the weekend.

But you try to keep your word in big and small deeds – and this helps to create a reputation of a reliable and trustworthy person.

8. You are not shy about praising others

You are looking for good traits in other people. You tell others that you value them, explain why you treat them that way.

This allows you to cheer others and bring out the best in their personalities.

9. Gratitude – Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence

You always strive to express gratitude to other people through words and actions.

10. You apologize

You are not afraid to apologize when you are mistaken, and this causes sympathy among others.

Sometimes you ask for forgiveness, even when you are right. Because you value relationships more than your ego.

11. You forgive and forget – Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence

11. You forgive and forget - Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence
11. You forgive and forget – Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence

When others apologize, you leave the misunderstanding between you in the past and never raise this topic again.

And if the offender refuses to apologize, you still go further, because you do not allow others to hold your emotions hostage.

12. You are modest

While many see humility as weakness, you see strength in it.

This does not mean that you lack self-confidence or that you shy away from the challenge; rather, you know how to keep your pride in check. And, recognizing that you do not have all the answers, you are always ready to learn from others.

13. It’s hard to fool you

You know that some people use their understanding of a person’s emotional structure to deceive and manipulate.

Therefore, when you are looking for the best in others, you still keep your eyes open, staying alert – to make sure that others are not using you to their advantage.

14. You learn from mistakes – Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence

No one can perfectly control their emotions. Show me an “expert” in emotional intelligence, and I will show you someone who loses his temper or makes serious mistakes in certain circumstances.

But you study hard on these mistakes – study your own behavior, identify triggers and develop habits that will help you better deal with similar situations next times.

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