12 Ways Low Self-Esteem Can Sabotage Your Relationships

12 Ways Low Self-Esteem Can Sabotage Your Relationships

low self-esteem – a reason that can disintegrate even the most loving couple. When one of the partners starts underestimating himself, treating herself worse than others, this is the first sign that problems will soon arise in a relationship. Here are some working ways that you can ruin your relationship with your loved one in the shortest possible time.

12 Ways Low Self-Esteem Can Sabotage Your Relationships

Ways Low Self-Esteem Can Sabotage Your Relationships
Ways Low Self-Esteem Can Sabotage Your Relationships

1 To think that you do not deserve a person

“For what merits did I get a girl like you?” or “I am not worthy of you” – this is only a small part of the most common phrases that can be heard from the mouth of a notorious person. He will always be sure that he is not handsome, smart, wealthy, interesting in order to meet with his partner. The people around him seem to be better than himself in all respects. The problem is that a person can convince of his “inferiority” not only himself, but also his partner.

2 Looks unattractive – Ways Low Self-Esteem Can Sabotage Your Relationships

Not in the literal sense of the word, because the matter here is far from appearance. Attractiveness is both behavior and character. If you give yourself as a person who is desperate for something or someone, this is likely to only scare the girl away.

3 Afraid to trust a person and show their vulnerability

A person with low self-esteem can be described as overly cautious, which is especially pronounced in a relationship. Yes, he specifically controls his feelings, limits the depth of his intimacy, tries not to betray his weaknesses. He is afraid that he will be betrayed, abandoned, ridiculed. This makes it difficult to build a normal relationship.

4 Do not accept yourself

Healthy self-esteem is the ability to accept one’s strengths and weaknesses. A person objectively assesses his capabilities and is not afraid to show others and, most importantly, his partner that he is far from ideal.

Ways to ruin relationships due to low self-esteem

5 Be unsure of yourself

Self-confidence greatly affects people’s impression of you. When you are confident in yourself – it at least looks attractive and collects the admiring glances of the opposite sex. In addition, without self-confidence, it will be extremely difficult for you to build a constructive dialogue with a partner and to defend your interests.

6 Experiencing how to please a partner

A person with low self-esteem is likely to be constantly under stress. He will not be able to openly talk about his thoughts and feelings with his partner, because he will in every way avoid any possible conflicts. Your beloved person may not wait for the moment when you appear before him real.

Ways Low Self-Esteem Can Sabotage Your Relationships
Ways Low Self-Esteem Can Sabotage Your Relationships

7 Tolerate a bad attitude – Ways Low Self-Esteem Can Sabotage Your Relationships

When you have low self-esteem, you are unlikely to wonder why your loved one treats you disrespectfully. You yourself do not respect yourself, therefore, to endure a bad attitude for you is the norm. In fact, each person deserves to be treated with kindness and warmth. And until you normalize your self-esteem, you will not take this rule seriously.

8 Blame yourself

“I’m bad and I’m doing everything wrong”, “I provoke a partner”, “I have to change and make more efforts.” Where you just need to try to objectively analyze the situation, a person with low self-esteem will bombard himself with accusations, not even assuming that he might have nothing to do with it.

Ways Low Self-Esteem Affects Relationships

9 Lying

“No, I’m not offended / not hurt / not sad …”, etc. You often deceive your loved one so as not to create “extra problems” for him. But in this way you do not make your life together easier. For you, you can still understand that something is wrong, and your partner will most likely puzzle over your strange behavior.

10 Do not set personal boundaries

In relationships, it is important to discuss your personal boundaries. For example, to make it clear to your partner that meeting with friends over the weekend is very important to you, and you don’t want to quarrel about it. Or let us know that you are not ready to meet your parents now because it is too early. A person with low self-esteem is unlikely to defend his interests.

11 pretending to be someone else

This is about those very situations when you are embarrassed to be yourself next to your loved one because you are afraid that he will refuse you or not accept your true face. Ultimately, you may be angry at being unable to act the way you want.

12 Get addicted to partner

“Without her, I can’t,” says a person who has a strong fear of ending a relationship. It seems to him that life without a partner will become unimaginably difficult, and he is trying by all means to prevent a break. But instead, it only makes it worse.






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