10 Ways How to Get Women in Bed

10 Ways How to Get Women in Bed

Do you want to get into a common den with your wife? Don’t know how? We asked women directly what they were paying for them. What tactics to use when trying to get a woman where we want – to bed.

1. Just ask for sex – How to Get Women in Bed

Just ask for sex - How to Get Women in Bed
How to Get Women in Bed

By not walking around the mash, you will not, in a popular way, lubricate the honey around your mouth; Take advantage of something as simple as sincerity. You want sex, so ask for it. You may wonder how many women are tuned to the same wave as you and are eager to enjoy. Of course, the simplest is the alcohol setting, but you can be more creative. Try it elsewhere.

It’s the ideal and fastest method for someone who doesn’t want more than one night. You do not promise love, do not fool around with speeches; you follow your own. And you don’t have to have a black conscience. The pitfall is that just come and say what you have “in your heart”, not everyone can. A good dose of self-esteem or charisma is needed. But also willing to accept rejection.

2. Not to be cramped

Yes. Be yourself. Say what you think, laugh at what you find funny. Dress up as it suits you to attack further. Just be yours. The less you are in convulsion, the more you will be sympathetic to the opposite sex. Either you like it, and it works, or it works elsewhere because everyone likes something different. Girls like individuality.

3. Nothing new under the sun. Alcohol and babies

As is known, barriers disappear with alcohol. Therefore, if you buy a girl a drink, two or rather more, you are certainly taking care of the fun. Even though the younger he is, the more likely he will be naive. And then really little. A little weak, but it works. Just don’t drink, or at least not that much. You certainly know how it would turn out.

4. Trick with sport – How to Get Women in Bed

If you do sports, go for a run with the girl or do some other sports and then say that you do not run out of water at home and therefore have no place to wash. Girls tend to be clean, and they will not let you down. It doesn’t have to end up in bed. Very original, with a body full of muscles, it certainly works.

5. Sweet method

Old, good. If you are chatty, do not have a problem pouring flattery from your sleeves and do not blush too much, it’s the right nut for you. There are a certain percentage of girls who, although they know this method and see it in seconds, as soon as you say, “Your eyes are so beautiful,” they still succumb. It is simply nice to listen to the pros without the negatives, to feel comfortable.

6. I listen, but I can’t hear it – How to Get Women in Bed

10 Ways How to Get Women in Bed
10 Ways How to Get Women in Bed

Just be patient. Sit and listen (y1ou can let it go with your other ear). Everybody needs to speak at times and maybe you will be the ideal listener who, if he nods or looks sympathetically, will be rewarded by the unloved world at the end of the evening.

7. Old-fashioned romantic

Unconventional method for those who do not want to bind and who still have the soul “romance”. Compose the poem directly for her. Sexual theme advantage. Take the girl to some nice place, create an atmosphere suitable for recitation and the evening is yours.

8. Movies – How to Get Women in Bed

Once you get a girl to bed, though just for a movie, you are almost won. You are more or less starting with a goal. You’re going from behind. But it only takes a few touches and if she wants, there is no need to describe further.

9. Singles

Go in a group and divide your roles. One buys drinks, the other enjoys, the third is a cool guy with a shy look. Do it together. You can end up in a group, or alternate in this help (as a bunch of friends) by weeks. It is fun, a little sport and everyone will come into their own.

10. If a girl doesn’t want to, unfortunately, you can’t do anything.

It’s clear as a slap. If the girl does not want, you can stand on your head and points 1-9 will be useless. But do not forget that he wishes prepared happiness.

PS. We want a home for life – kind, loving, faithful, tolerant. The ones we can walk in sweatpants before, be sick, ourselves.

In bed, however, we want – predatory, powerful, with quality equipment and a beautiful body;)







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