10 Valuable Life Lessons From a Failed Relationship

10 Valuable Life Lessons From a Failed Relationship

Since few people manage to build not ideal, but at least just tolerable relations the first time, each of us has our own baggage of failed relations. Somewhere they did not agree on the characters, somewhere they betrayed, and somewhere too often they made unnecessary sacrifices.

It would seem that sheer mistakes that I want to quickly forget about. Few people would think to delve into their love failures, and even more so analyze them. And sometimes, to build a happy relationship, you just need to learn a few lessons from past experience. In general, we will not pull – we will try to put everything on the shelves.

10 Valuable Life Lessons From a Failed Relationship

Valuable Life Lessons From a Failed Relationship
Valuable Life Lessons From a Failed Relationship

1 Break off the relationship when they have outlived themselves – Life Lessons From a Failed Relationship

When a couple gets bored of a relationship, this situation often happens: the second person begins to pull this relationship on himself, trying to keep everything or just feeling guilty. Perhaps no one is to blame for the fact that this happened – just the relationship has become obsolete. You have nowhere to grow together, or you drown each other, or one of you two is really not interested anymore. In such cases, just talk and make a decision together. No need to stubbornly pretend that everything is fine, and you will definitely correct the situation.

2 Develop quality like patience – Life Lessons From a Failed Relationship

Without patience, relationships will not last long. We are all too different people, even if we have a lot in common. To endure a person with all its shortcomings and behavioral features is quite difficult. Therefore, we all will need to know and fully master the art of patience.

3 Do not get used to being content with little – Lessons to learn from a bad relationship

One setback in a past relationship can put an end to your self-esteem in a current relationship. Therefore, remember one important thing: do not settle for small things. Do not tolerate neglect and contempt, disregard and constant rudeness on the part of the partner. Making the life of another person better, you at least count on such an attitude in your own direction. If you don’t receive it, this is a great occasion to seriously think that something is going wrong.

4 Take responsibility for your misconduct – Life Lessons From a Failed Relationship

Learn to admit your mistakes. Of course, it will always be easier to blame what happened for some external circumstances or another person. But only recognizing yourself as guilty will help you gain useful experience and realize how you should or should not act in the future.

5 Try to notice disturbing signs

Some people do not notice or skillfully ignore obvious signs that some problems have appeared in their relationship. “It will pass by itself” and “nothing, it’s not worth my attention” – in this case, your most malicious enemies. Because in a situation where one of the partners does not see any problem and the other suffers, a happy outcome is not provided.

Valuable Life Lessons From a Failed Relationship
Valuable Life Lessons From a Failed Relationship

6 don’t give up too soon – Lessons to learn from a bad relationship

If you have a misunderstanding, you begin to annoy each other and constantly quarrel, do not rush to give up and score on your relationship. First, try to get to the bottom of the point, to understand what you are doing wrong and where you need to change your approach. You can be guided by such qualities as understanding and patience. In the case when the habit of giving up has become your usual model of behavior in relationships, you urgently need to change. Unless, of course, living to old age alone is not part of your plans.

7 Do not continue a relationship in which you are not loved

Few things can be worse than relationships in which you are not loved. If you are left without love, support, care and attention for a long time – most likely, your feelings are not mutual. Think, you need such a relationship in which you do everything, but nothing is done for you.

8 you do not change – Things to learn from failed relationship

This is the biggest illusion that two adult mature individuals can cherish. The only way you can help each other is to learn to accept your partner as he really is, and not to expect from him something that is not at all characteristic of him. Well, your girlfriend, who hates cooking, will not meet you every day from work in an apron and with a fragrant baked chicken. And you will not suddenly become at the click of a finger a romantic who walks in a business suit and gives the girl luxurious bouquets.

9 Personal boundaries are crucial – Lessons to learn from a bad relationship

In any pair, personal boundaries should be built: personal space, time, interests – both for you and your girlfriend. A happy relationship is possible only if you both understand that you belong to yourself and not to each other, that control in the relationship kills them at the root and that you do not have to try to always do everything together. This is more annoying than happy.

10 Happiness is everyone’s choice

In order to be truly happy, you do not need to look for a special person. Your girlfriend should not increase your self-esteem, rid you of complexes, take your free time. You must do this yourself. Until you realize this, you will constantly face the problem of deceived expectations.






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