10 Signs You’re A Bad Kisser Even If No One Tells You

10 Signs You’re A Bad Kisser Even If No One Tells You

No one wants to “be different” at kissing in a bad way. Therefore, sometimes in this intimate process, it is worth being guided not only by your intuition. If you ever thought about whether you kiss well, you can check the points below and see if you make the most common mistakes.

10 Signs You’re A Bad Kisser

Signs You're A Bad Kisser Even If No One Tells You
Signs You’re A Bad Kisser Even If No One Tells You

1 You do not follow your breath – Signs You’re A Bad Kisser

If you can’t make the kiss last, it’s okay. But if every time after a kiss, you try to catch your breath – put yourself in the shoes of a partner and imagine how ridiculous it looks. Of course, it is unlikely that they will directly tell you about this, so try to analyze the situation yourself.

2 You do not follow the oral cavity

Although sometimes, bad breath can indicate the occurrence of specific health problems. But in any case, such moments should be discovered on time and at least start to solve them. If you do not want to resort to a specialist, you can at least reduce the intensity of an unpleasant odor with mint candies, a mouth rinse, or frequent brushing. Believe me; you need to pay attention to this because no matter how good you kiss, your smell can ruin your partner all the pleasant sensations.

3 You do not use hands – Signs You’re A Bad Kisser

Hands should not hang during a kiss like useless stumps. Seriously, try to use them at least somehow – get a partner, hold him to you, you can massage his head, sort his hair, or stroke his arm. It is always pleasant and adds more passion or tenderness to your relationship. If your hands do not participate in the kissing process, your partner may get the impression that you are insincere and constrained. The question arises: was such a kiss needed?

4 You are too fixated on the mechanism

With a kiss, you try to follow the learned movements in advance. This is obviously a failure, and that’s why. The most important thing you need to know: with a kiss, don’t think too much. A kiss is not some kind of procedure that must be performed according to strict instructions; there are no generally accepted rules for it. A kiss is an intuitive and instinctive process, it is an expression of your feelings. So try to succumb to emotions and your feelings.

5 You encounter a partner with teeth

This is a sure sign that you cannot relax with a kiss. You need to slow down and focus on your partner’s lips. Be careful, because none of you need an extra visit to the dentist after trying to kiss passionately.

Signs You're A Bad Kisser Even If No One Tells You
Signs You’re A Bad Kisser Even If No One Tells You

6 You immediately start kissing with tongue

Well, this is very hasty, because a kiss (especially at the beginning of a relationship) is a gradual acquaintance with a person, and the two of you should be equally comfortable. Therefore, wait a moment with the language, even if you are overcome by passion, otherwise, you have every chance to put a person in an awkward position or to make your date last.

7 You never kiss your tongue – Signs You’re A Bad Kisser

And this is another extreme. If you and your partner have already reached the level of intimacy when a kiss with the tongue is quite affordable, start interacting with your loved one not only with your lips. Do not be afraid to diversify your kisses. Yes, even if this is not always good at first try, just relax and trust your feelings. If you have everything for real, they won’t let you down.

8 You do not kiss during sex

Sex is not only a process of copulation, or sexual intercourse. First of all, this is an expression of tenderness and love for each other. Therefore, during sex, you can and even need to resort to kisses! If you avoid it – this is just another sign that you are not a very good “kisser”.

9 You kiss with open eyes – Signs You’re A Bad Kisser

When people, united by one beautiful feeling, kiss, they often close their eyes. This is due to a subconscious attempt to focus on the kiss itself. Thus, we cut off the flow of unnecessary data, in this case, visual data. A kiss with open eyes seems insincere to us and pushes us away from our partner.

10 Kiss does not excite you

Of course, not every kiss should lead to sex, but it should make you at least think about it. He must light a spark between you. If this does not happen and you do not feel anything, perhaps you just decided to build a relationship with the wrong person.






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