10 Practical Ways To Stop Worrying About Future

10 Practical Ways To Stop Worrying About Future

Worrying about the future ever hurt your productivity? Thoughts about it spoiled your day or your mood?

If you answered yes, you are not alone. We all tend to worry about what will happen to us in the future. The problem is that worrying about the future is a waste of our time and energy. Paradox: we are all aware of this, but nonetheless continue to worry.

10 Practical Ways To Stop Worrying About Future

Practical Ways To Stop Worrying About Future
Practical Ways To Stop Worrying About Future

1 Practice mindfulness – Practical Ways To Stop Worrying About Future

Since worrying about the future pulls you into the future, nothing stops anxiety faster than attentiveness to the present. Take a look around and pay attention to what surrounds you. Taking into account your surroundings with the help of feelings, you can “draw in” yourself at the present moment, having finally learned to live by the principle of “here and now”.

2 Use anxiety as a way to highlight what really matters to you.

Anxiety serves as an excellent “gauge” to let you know what is important and what is not. When you worry about something, it means that this “something” takes a place in the list of your priorities. If what you do is really important to you, you will give all your strength to achieve your goal. And excessive anxiety can only prevent you from doing your job well.

3 Speak what bothers you – Practical Ways To Stop Worrying About Future

Getting rid of anxiety in your head reduces it. If you don’t feel comfortable talking worrying thoughts with a friend, family member or loved one, try writing them out on paper. By the way, a live conversation is still more useful: in response to your anxiety, you can hear many useful tips from people who themselves have managed to visit your situation.

4 Restore your breath

Concern about the near future makes us worry even more. For example, did you notice your breath before an important meeting or performance? If not, then the next time you are worried, watch how you breathe.

Anxiety causes your breathing to become superficial. And deep breathing can help you relax and reduce anxiety.

5 Take control – Practical Ways To Stop Worrying About Future

For many of us, anxiety creates the feeling that our future is uncontrollable. Therefore, if something greatly disturbs you, first try to understand whether you can somehow influence it or not. If the part of the future that causes you concern does not depend on you, then worrying about this is useless.

Practical Ways To Stop Worrying About Future
Practical Ways To Stop Worrying About Future

6 Use anxiety as an incentive to create fallback options.

Worried about the future because you’re afraid of failure or mistakes? Well, at least you have the time to anticipate this and create some fallback options in case something really goes wrong. The main thing is to overcome anxiety and direct our forces into a constructive direction. Do not worry Be Happy

7 Ask yourself what will happen if your fears are confirmed – Practical Ways To Stop Worrying About Future

Suppose you are worried about the success of your new project or you are worried about your financial situation. Then, instead of trying to ignore anxiety, ask yourself the following question:

“What if what I’m worried about really happens?” As soon as you get the answer to your question, ask it again. Do this until you run out of logic. For example:

“What if I lose my job?”

“Then I will be left without money.”

– What if I am left without money?

– Then I will need to look for a new job.

“What if I need to look for a new job?”

“Then I will send out my resume and will wait for feedback.”

“What if no one responds?”

– Then I will look for work further, attracting friends, and live on the accumulated funds. Etc. Performing this exercise helps to get rid of anxiety because by composing a similar logical chain, you can find a way out of any, even the most difficult situation.

8 Develop Self-Confidence

More precisely, in their own strengths. Every day, try to do what you think can improve your future. Thus, you will gradually be able to believe that your comfort in the future depends on you.

9 Recognize that the time you spent worrying could be spent on improving living conditions.

This is one of the most effective ways to reduce anxiety about what has not happened yet. If you start analyzing your life and your behavior, you can come to the conclusion that you spend a large part of the time on useless worries about and without, and you could spend it more productively.

10 Maintain social relationships

Your family, friends and loved one are those people who will support you in difficult moments of your life. So try no matter what to keep your connection. This will give inner confidence in the future and will allow you to rely not only on your strength, but also on the help of others.






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