10 Mistakes To Avoid In Your Quest To Become Better

10 mistakes you can make in your quest to become better

Our world constantly needs young and promising employees, because our future depends on how we laid out here and now. Many of us have potential, but we have no idea how to unleash and use it. We expect to be directed, shown how to do this and will lead to success. But let’s be realistic and admit that no one will do this. You need to take your own development into your own hands.

In order to achieve something, you must exclude possible errors that hamper you on the path to self-realization.

10 Mistakes To Avoid In Your Quest To Become Better

Mistakes To Avoid In Your Quest To Become Better
Mistakes To Avoid In Your Quest To Become Better

1 You are waiting for motivation from the outside – Mistakes To Avoid In Your Quest To Become Better

You probably noticed that in the description of most vacancies, one of the mandatory qualities of an employee is determination. This is not a feature of any post, but a standard requirement. Nobody wants to hire a person who is used to waiting for inspiration or a kick in the ass. You must learn to motivate yourself, and not leave this item on others. If you take on someone else’s motivation, you will perceive all undertakings as a heavy burden, and not as an opportunity to develop.

2 You are waiting for approval

You expect someone to tell you: “Wow, that’s a cool idea, man!” Unfortunately, this happens extremely rarely. Most often you will have to face criticism, not praise. If you will make someone else’s goal your goal, you may not even dream of success. You must do what inspires you and do as you imagine it.

3 You are waiting for confirmation– Mistakes To Avoid In Your Quest To Become Better

The expectation of the phrase “you are doing everything right” is the weak point of our generation. If you need constant confirmation, you risk losing control of the situation. Most of your tasks are not so complex and large to make you worry about a possible mistake. Finish one thing and move on to another. Constant waiting will only slow you down, as you will depend on the opinion of someone else. Approve your actions yourself.

4 You ignore development strategies – Mistakes To Avoid In Your Quest To Become Better

You may think that your development ideas are much more effective than those invented earlier, but you should not ignore them at all. At least you can learn a lot from them, even if you do not want to use any of the known strategies. Try to just do your job and make every possible effort.

5 Are you sure that the authorities are opposed to you?

No need to think that everyone is opposed to you. Those people who are higher than you in the office are interested in your promotion no less than you. If, after an objective assessment of the situation, you still realized that the bosses are negatively in your direction, do not hesitate: there is a way to fix this. Do not spare time and nerves to establish a warm relationship with the boss, and this will undoubtedly count towards you in the future.

Mistakes To Avoid In Your Quest To Become Better
Mistakes To Avoid In Your Quest To Become Better

6 you do not like advice – Mistakes To Avoid In Your Quest To Become Better

Yes, you should not heed all the advice that others give you, but the other extreme is no less dangerous. When someone shares with you information related to your activities in one way or another, try to listen, even if initially you do not see any value in such stories. Sometimes ordinary networking and mutual trust are far more important than any advice. Do not try to seem omniscient and do not neglect information, whatever it may be.

7 You let the employer control their development

Your professional growth depends not only on the resources that your company offers you. The main thing is to realize this and not lock yourself within the same office. Do not rely solely on your employer in trying to achieve what you want – this will certainly lead to the destruction of your opportunities and the establishment of a certain ceiling above which you will not even try to climb. Constantly in search of new sources of training, use external resources and, moreover, do not sit still.

8 You wait while they teach you everything

Well, or just trying to find out everything. If you understand that you do not have any knowledge, ask for help, develop, and eliminate such “gaps”. But do not forget about the continuous work on yourself. Only in this way can you really grow, and not create an appearance.

9 You focus only on work

In order to become the best in your field, you do not need to give all your free time to work. On the contrary, you must learn to delegate those responsibilities that take you the most time, control your intermediate results and make decisions that would allow you to do more, work less.

10 You do not set a clear goal – Mistakes To Avoid In Your Quest To Become Better

“I want to be successful” or “I want a high salary” is not the goal. More precisely, maybe the goal, but not at all clear. As a result, you will not know what exactly you want to achieve and which particular number will bring you the desired satisfaction. Try to ask yourself what it means to be successful and how many zeros are in your “high” salary. Always specify.






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